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thyroxine level and doctor

my mum takes thyroxine but needs levels upped,she isnt feeling well and been back to doctor after going 2wks ago and getting nowhere,my mum said her visit yesterday got quite heated as doc ad told her she has genetic cholesterol levels but hasn't upped her thyroxine and also said the cholesterol wouldn't make mum sick,so mum asked what is making her sick then and doc is totally ignoring her and not giving answers to her questions,now my mum is feeling like she wants to hide and not go back and i want her to persisit as i don't want to lose her to something that can be sorted,she lives in the swansea area and really needs someone who is going to listen,

any help greatly appreciated


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Can you not go with your mum to give her some support. The thing with this illness is that sometimes, especially when you are under medicated, you haven't got the energy to fight nor have you got the confidence to put your case across clearly enough.

Is there another GP, in the same surgery, she can see.

If you cant go with your mum maybe she would allow you to write to her surgeries practise manager outlining your fears regarding her health. You might also want to ask for copies of her blood tests to be made available to her.

Moggie x


Hi Moggiw,I understand the lack of energy as i suffer from Fibromyalgia,the trouble is mum is in Swansea and im in Brighton but have considered jumping on train to go and help her as doctors being a nightmare.Iasked her about another doc in the surgery and she said she had seen the 2 male docs and they were just ignorant and now this lady doc is just not listening and giving my mum the correct level of thyroxine,I also suggested she wrote to them and now you've said I think that I wil too as this is ridiculous,it's almost as tho she has to have a heart attack before they will do something xx


Please ask for copies of your mums blood tests results when you write. What they say is "in range" or "normal" and what a thyroid sufferer knows to be right are two totally different things. Make sure you list ALL of your mums symptoms and stress how ill she is and possible include the thyroiduk's symptom sheet with all appropriate boxes ticked.

You might also want to ask for a written explanation of her treatment and why, in the GP's opinion, she is on the correct dosage of medication even though she has clearly stated on going symptoms and a deteriorating quality of life. You could end your letter by asking for a meeting to be set up with ALL parties concerned in attendance (all three GP's, you, your mum and the practise manager). Don't forget to clearly state that any letters are to be sent to your mum as they will refuse you on data protection grounds.

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on and if you want a standard letter requesting her medical information just shout as I have one.

Moggie x


I would advise you to get a copy of your mother's latest thyroid gland blood tests. If she hasn't had a recent one send a letter to her surgery and say that you are concerned and would like her to have a new thyroid gland blood test (TSH, T4 and T3 (probably wont do this one) and a Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if she hasn't already had those.

Also make sure there are ranges beside each blood test as labs differ and it will enable someone to comment better.

She may well be on too low a dose and some GP's think it is correct that patients blood levels should be within the 'normal' range. That is wrong and we should have a level below 1 or suppressed if it makes us feel better. Clinical symptoms due to being undertreated are usually diagnosed as 'something other than thyroid'.


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