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What blood test should I ask for?

I have all the signs and symptoms of an under active Thyroid and due to family history (each female relative) I'm allowed 1 blood test each year, but mot recent TSH test came back with in normal range. I believe the range for peterborough is 2 to 5.5 my most recent was 4.67 but still normal.

Going to ask for another test but what else should I request at the same time? Always have low iron if that's any help.

Thanks carol

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Make sure you have your blood drawn for your next TSH test as early as possible in the day - e.g. 08:00.

Plus vitamin B12, folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D.

If you have low iron, are you doing anything about it? Sensible iron levels are very important for thyroid hormones to work properly.



Thank you doctors keeps giving me pills for iron and then re- tests iron back to normal, tests it again couple of months later down again haven't had it done for a while so will ask .


Which sounds like you are not getting properly treated/investigated.

Please don't let this carry on - it is not doing you any good.

Hypothyroidism can make it more difficult to absorb iron - often due to low stomach acidity.



Have u been tested for thyroid anti-bodies?Just that,i have high antibodies but normal tsh(with lots hypothyroid symptoms)and my doc retests my thyroid at least every 6months.


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