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Hi, I have only recently been diagnosed with IBS at the young age of 16. It is really anoying as i go through long periods were i dont have stomach aches then i go through periods when i do have stomach aches. I am usualy out and about with my friends. I often have stomach aches after eating a vast amount of fatty food. Does this effect anyone else? Can anyone suggest a way to control my ibs and is there anything i can do when i am out to stop the pain and where is a good place to eat?

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  • Hi I too suffer with IBS if I eat foods which contain a lot of fat I have terrible stomach cramps. I have had the usual prescription medication which didn't help. I popped into Boots spoke to dispenserary was told to try peppermint oil tablets they did the trick if you do try them take them after food. Good luck xx

  • Do you have to take them everyday?

  • Yes

  • No only when you have a flare up and try not to worry I find if I have a lot of stress it starts the stomach pains and visits to the bathroom. X

  • Hi Clubschool and welcome to the site I was diagnosed with IBS at 18 I am now 41 so have lived with it for some time. You mentioned the pain is worse after fatty foods...well there's your answer cut it out buy a sandwich or take your own when you are out about. It will be a learning curve for you to work out what foods you can and can't eat. Buscopan tablets can be bought over the counter in any pharmacy to help with the spsams there are other anti spsamodics as well. Good luck and I hope you get your IBS under control :)

  • I think you've answered your own question. Just skip the fatty fried foods. Hopefully plenty of alternatives are available, and at small quantities (small frequent meals, is my mantra) like 1 cheese and cracker, 1 fruit salad, half a sandwich, might not trigger it. Good luck to you!

  • Please ask your Dr. About a SIBO test. Many that have been diagnosed with IBS go un diagnosed with this. It's a bacterial infection in the small intestines that gives you all these symptoms & robs you of your nutrients. It can be cured with antibiotic & special diet to heal the stomach & intestines. I myself just tested highly positive for this & being treated. I also suggest a good naturopath dr. They are more willing to help & get to the bottom of condition. Nobody should live with IBS something is causing the symptoms & you have to keep plugging along until you find out & never give up!

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