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Has the low fodmap diet helped anyone like me?

Hi there, is anyone finding the low fodmap diet is working for them? I've been on it for a week and I'm surprised at the difference it's having. I've suffered for 12 years with pain ranging from annoying to agonising, recently migraines have become common, bleeding, sickness, lack of energy, poor short-term memory. I've had biopsies, cameras this end and that, surgery to see if it was endometriosis, barium meals, antidepressants to try ease the pain. The list goes on, but if it was maybe an intolerance to gluten, wow, I'd be so excited, to know I could DO something about it would be amazing!! I'm praying this diet will give me some answers. Would love to hear any of your experiences x

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So glad you're getting such an improvement - just amazing, isn't it? Are you doing this under the guidance of a dietitian or are you going it alone?

If you look through previous blogs and responses to questions about FODMAPs on this site, you'll find countless references to the relief the diet has given to many people. I count myself amongst those fortunate individuals and think it's a brilliant regime. It gave me 95% control over my symptoms which then allowed me to identify other triggers (outside of low FODMAPs) which gave me a problem, namely rice and oats, now I omit those too and I think I'm just about 100% in control. Brilliant!



Hi. I have been on FODMAP diet for 2 months and previously had all your symptoms too.

I ate something by 'accident' the other day and am paying for it. But I can notice how all the pains are linked just to my diet. Got migraine and chronic back ache at the moment, ab pains, lack of energy..just from one meal. My GP sent me for arthritis tests but I can see now it is all diet related. Can't wait for this slip up to get out of my system...there is a light at the end of this tunnel now:-)


YAY! keep it up :) I tried the FODMAPs last year and it worked great for me, but I loosened up on it a bit too much and my symptoms returned. Started back on it today!


Me too! Great response and as long as I am in control of what I eat, find it quite easy to follow. So pleased it is working for you too, and wish you all the best with your new life! :-)


Hi, I'm waiting to go on it once my dietician is fully trained, so glad you are feeling the benefits after only one week!


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