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Low FODMAP diet

I am so pleased to say that I phoned my doctor this week and said that I would like to follow the low FODMAP diet as I have been getting a lot of pain, wind and bloating. I said he referred me a few years ago and that the funding had been removed. He looked back through my notes and saw that the funding had been removed but said to me that he would put me back on the list and I would see a Dietician.

He said it's a long waiting list but if I haven't heard by Spring 2018 then I am to phone him and he will chase. So glad that he is listening. I've wanted to do this diet for a while but not without a Dietician.

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crazyfitness can you tell me how to get a dietician?? Will insurance pay for this by any chance? Can your primary doctor recommend one?



I have got one through the NHS here in the UK but if you live in a country that doesn't have this then I expect you will need to check with your insurers.

Wish I could help more.


Are you guys in America? Or uk?


Mixture of both i think looking at the names of medications. Im in uk x


I had basically given up on getting on a waiting list but my doctor was very good so I am fortunate there. If the low FODMAP is something that you are looking at then maybe you could speak to your doctor.

I'm trying to avoid too many medications, the only thing I turn to mainly is Buscupan if the pain is bad.



When I got diagnosed back Jan this year I did a lot of research on diet and came across the low FODMAP diet. I didn't see a dietician but started following it myself as there are lots of books, websites and recipes out there.

It made such a difference! Felt so much better. More energy, far far less episodes to virtually none at all and I even gradually lost a little weight which for me was good.

It id a diet of elimination but whilst you're waiting for your appointment it might be worth a go. :)

Would love to here how you get on xx

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Hi Shele121

Well done to you on following the diet yourself. I have looked at the low FODMAP list quite a few times but the reason why I want to follow it with a Dieticians advice is so that I can ensure that I am getting all of the right nutrients etc. I am a Pescatarian and I think that makes it a little more complicated but with a Dietician I feel that she/he will be able to ensure that I get the right balance.

I've have carried out some diet elimination and cut out Lactose for quite a few weeks as I wondered if it was a problem with me; I reintroduced it back into my diet about 6 to 8 weeks later and there was no difference. I know I can't eat raw carrots, raw or cooked onions; I can eat small amounts of broccoli though. The one I know I need to try is wheat; I only eat oats for breakfast but sandwiches of a lunch time are where I find difficulty but I am looking at making my own soups. I had a lovely large salad back in the summer and suffered for about 3 days after eating it; I think it was just a case of too much at once.

I will report on here on how I get on as I have read some encouraging stories on here.

Thank you xx


Monash University, which created the FODMAP diet have an excellent App you can put on your phone to help with shopping. Their website is really good too for advice on following the diet. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, despite following it exactly, which was very difficult as it is so restrictive.


Thank you for your very helpful response. Really sorry that it didn't work for you; IBS is a horrible thing as one thing doesn't work for everyone and it's trial and error. Here's to you finding something that works for you very soon.

Take care



I tried low fodmap by googling, the app and books and all it really showed me is i was intolerant to gluten cowsmilk onions garlic and yeast now i know i cant eat all that my ibs has more or less gone


Wow Lulububs, that's amazing that your IBS has more or less gone, very well done to you for following the diet on your own and using the internet, apps and books. I will certainly be buying a recipe book as I am a Pescatarian and that will of course limit my choices.



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