Have had IBS for 2 years now and manage symptoms using a combination of fodmap diet and listening to my body!! Last night I was at a friends house for a meal and as I was driving and feeling fine 'stupidly' drank 4 mugs of coffee and boy did I suffer during the night with pain and diarrhoea! Because I was feeling good, I genuinely thought it would be 'safe' to drink coffee! My question is, has anybody found a type of coffee that does not send them running to the toilet immediately after consuming? In my earlier days, I did try as many of the decaffeinated brands but nothing worked! I did love my mug of coffee and kicking myself for being so stupid and naive!! Cheers

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  • I too loved my coffee and I was wounded when I had to give it up. I tried lots of different types all with the same end result so swapped to herbal tea. Not what you was hoping to hear I'm sure

  • Cheers Lynne, I do drink herbal tea but as you can guess, nuthin beats a good mug of coffee! I occasionally do have mug and no what the consequences will be, same with an Indian curry, I have decided not to let IBS control my life, I try and control it and do take 'risks' knowing full well what the consequences will be but it's worth the pain to have the occasional bit of spice! Cheers

  • Yes, unfortunately although they think there are no fodmaps in coffee and some types of alcohol, they are both irritant to the gut. A little bit of information here:’s-–-fodmap/ with ideas for recipes too!

  • Thanks Inndie. I'll have a look at this link.

  • Hi James007,

    I have problems with IBS and coffee, have not drank any for a long time. But would love to.

    What I drink instead is Barleycup,Caro or No Caf. these are all cereal based drinks and taste really good, although if you drink coffee alot then it may be an acquired taste. You can also get Chicory, this is in Barleycup along with Rye. You can find them in most Health Food Stores or Holland & Barrett. If you google them, then you can find out more info, my favourite is No Caf for taste. Hope this is of some help to you, good luck!

  • Thanks for this AFineLass! I am going to give the No Caf a try! Cheers

  • I am lucky since I have IBS-A, so I drink coffee when I am C to feel better :) When I am D I avoid coffee and drink chi tea lattes instead :p but mmmmmm do I love a good cup of coffee......

  • oh, and James007 I assume you are a Bond fan?

  • Cheers happytummy! Not really a bond fan but like the 'handle'!!

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