Coffee and IBS-d

Hi everyone. At the minute I'm cutting coffee out completely as I've read about the effects it can have for people with ibs-d. I've tried switching to decaff which made no difference so just trying with none at all. The intestinal spasms do seem to be calming down but I'm noticing now that my bowels are moving more slowly. Does anyone know of a happy medium? I'm drinking more water and herbal teas and eating a bit more roughage but they aren't helping much.

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  • It is trying more fruit if can eat it also linseed from Holland & brattes , drinking more , it could be you medication . l hope that helps .

  • Hi. Ive tried cutting out coffee too but it only had a short term effect then I went back to my usual panics. I now have a coffee first thing then I am drinking liquorice tea (in bags from sainsburys) for the rest of the day. I have found this to be more effective in reducing my mad dash to the lol. Hope this helps CB

  • You could try different brands of coffee. Some have a mild effect for me, others it's an instant and urgent run to the loo. Or dilute it with water or drink less than a cup. Good luck.

  • I miss a goof cup of coffee. Im afraid to try a cup and have rally bad pain again

  • I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee and tea years ago. I don't drink coffee very often, but, if I do, it is always decaffeinated and I find this doesn't affect me the way it did when I drank caffeinated.

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