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Cappacino Coffee Culprit?


Last week I had two coffee shop visits, the same place, and had a cappacino with milk. The coffee was very strong also. The first night I had gripping low down tummy pains all night however I didn't make any connection at the time. Several days later I had the second coffee and the same happened again. I have many food intolerances, I usually only have cow's milk in small quantities in tea or normal coffee. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't think of another linking factor but will be disappointed if I can't indulge in the occasional coffee treat.

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Yes I have and mine is caffeine and also seems to be the milk. I have gone Vegan and I can't lie that it's not easy but one thing I have found out is i can still have coffee. I have decafe and didn't know what milk to have i.e. I seemed to have a problem with nut milk. I visited Starbucks at a service station on the motorway and the choice was almond, soya (don't like soya), coconut or oat milk, after asking which was the best for a frothy coffee I went for oat, it was so much better than cow's milk which of course I no longer have, and tasted so creamy. I had no I'll effects at all.

I hope this helps.

sg25 in reply to crazyfitness

Thanks for that useful advice. Next time I'll definitely be trying decaf and oat milk! x

crazyfitness in reply to sg25

It certainly works for me and my biggest problem tends to be the coffee hence drinking decafe which is fine for me. Trial and error and if may work for you.

It could be the cows milk, but the worse thing is the coffee. I can drink cows milk now and again, but if you bring coffee I got the equation it causes me agony.

BabsyWabsy in reply to Heidi1992

I have given up coffee too. It always sets me off.

Hi there. I used to love cappuccino but started to get the usual gurgling intolerance signs then need for loo quickly. Coffee is a stimulant but with frothy milk seems to make it twice as bad. I have had to change to tea now not the same lol.

Coffee will always make me ‘go’. I have only one coffee in the morning. If I’m out and about I’ll have decaf. Sometimes I find the decaf is too strong especially in the well known coffee chains.

I recently had a decaf coffee in a well known coffee shop. As soon as I tasted it I knew the boy serving had given me full caffeine coffee. 🙄As soon as I’d finished it I had to get home to the bathroom! I think sometimes the servers forget to do a decaf!

I’ve tried all the different milks, soya, oat, almond, none have made any difference, for me it’s the caffeine that will kick things off. Shame, as I used to love drinking full strength coffee. ☕️

sg25 in reply to Chocoholick

It's all trial and error isn't it? What one person can tolerate another can't. Thanks for your comments but will try a plant milk and a weaker one shot coffee next time. If I still get the griping I will have to give it up.

Hi, because of urological problems I use decaff tea and coffee at home but do have a good cappo now and again. To be honest I don't think the decaff has had any on my urology problems though my wife says when she now take caffeine she needs the loo more often. What I do find is that it gives me a slight headache and I do feel a little light headed - also had a heart condition so this could be a reason. Worth it to have the coffee though as I do like it. I do know that coffee often causes indigestion in some people though whether decaff would help with that I don't know. If it does the best decaff is at Cafe Nero the best decaff I have found for use at home is Kenco and best tea is Yorkshire decaff - though PG and Tetley are also quite good. Some just don't taste right at all I am afraid and really do taste like gnats wotsit or worse - certainly not like tea or coffee.

Thanks for those comments...useful.

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