Has anyone seen a specialist at the hospital lately ?? Re their ibs d

I went this tuesday to see them re my recent episodes of chronic pain and flare up, I ask to have a lactose test as milk is so so bad for me but was told the tests are inconclusive. Plus they told me to see a dietician through my gp if I am not eating dairy!! Then I was told not to do the fodmap but not really told why apart from they dont like it !!! They took tons of blood for testing and I have to have the usual camera and then they are taking sample of my colon etc etc has anyone else been told this ??

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  • My consultant hadn't heard of Low Fodmap diet...called it "another fad diet and don't believe everything you read on the internet". I suggested he do a bit of research on the Kings College website and educate himself. Two months later lo and behold a section appears on the hospital website...had to laugh. Found help at another NHS hospital. Request for a referral via your GP to a Fodmap trained NHS dietitian...a list is here kcl.ac.uk/medicine/research...

  • Thanks I just found it odd that they couldnt give me a reason athough she was fully aware of it. But thanks I will try that with my GP. is it me or does every health professionals seems to contradict the next one when it comes to ibs ? Thanks for the info

  • Oh yes, i found health professionals never agree on IBS? They disagree on symptoms, best diet, treatments. I had one doctor say a previous doctor was wrong about my diagnosis as my symptoms "dont fit the standard model".

  • My GI doctor was very enthusiastic about FODMAP and referred me to a nutritionist but I haven't been able to make an appointment. I just find it hard to create a weekly food plan and end up eating in whacko cycles.

  • Lets hope you hear something soon. Its so hard I think witb ibs its a trial and error progress to see what foods disagree witb you and what food's your ok with. I know quiet a lot foods that disagree witb me but then sometimes you think your ok eating something and your not itsnso difficult. Ibe been trying t cut out some of rhe foods that are bad for you on the fodmap to see what improvement I have and somethings are much better some nots so.

  • I have been on Fodmaps 'green light' diet for 3 weeks now and am really happy at the variety of what I can eat compared to what I was eating before . I have had no incidents of diarrhoea in that time and its like being a normal person again. I still have to go quite quickly so still need to find toilets in a hurry but feel like I am getting some control for the first time in 27 years. Just make sure you do balance your diet and eat bread, rice etc even though Must say gluten free bread is a bit like cotton wool! I make a sandwich for lunch using lactose free cheese or chicken etc and de-seeded tomatoes with rocket, spinach watercress salad. Can eat it either at home or out. It may not be gourmet but it is practical and balanced . Always have porridge with fruit for breakfast with rice or oat milk.

  • Thanks that's very helpful to know. I don't have a loy of diary and I dont eat bread so I try to be gluten and what free too!! I just thought how odd it was of thr specialist to say that re thr fodmap diet. I have been trying to cut out various foods on the fodmap just to see if I have any improvement thanks

  • I buy Sainsbury's Freefrom Soft Brown Seeded Bread which is gluten free and i find it is really nice bread. They also do it in white without any seeds.

    Yesterday i discovered lacto free cream in a supermarket. Read rave reviews on it so now i can make a lovely rice pudding.

  • Oh thanks I do get the wheat and gluten free bread if I want bread and have rice milk as I can't have soya either, but hey to have cream would be lovely as I dont have itoso I must try that thank you

  • The lacto free cream is available in waitrose. It seems to be the only supermarket selling it at the moment.

    You can also buy there, small lacto free milk cartons, the individual portions you get in cafes. 5 for 65p. I buy them to take out with me. The cream is £1.25.

    Also cock a hoop as i found they also do a lacto free version of philidelphia soft cheese.

  • Thanks bunnyrabbit

  • I use oat cream which is also nice

  • Another one to try thank you

  • hi sezzy123. re your original question. i have been told the same , reason given is that their investigating why I've been having this problem for 20+ yrs and sometimes trying different diets can sometimes mask what results of tests show and something can be missed. i think if you have trust in your doctor why not follow what he says until all test are completed . Trisha frm Ireland .

  • Hi trishyb59

    I have a appt now for the colonoscopy (another one) !! next monday so I am hoping that I will soon be given some concrete advice but I think you are probably right. Its so annoying 30years later from a teenager and still not much further on. Thanks

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