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Changing IBS?


Has anyone experienced their IBS symptoms changing over the years? I users to always suffer with it for the most part in a mornings, for a few hours and then other than bloating for the rest of the day it would calm down. However, more recently (say last 6 months) I'm starting to suffer with it all through the day as soon as I've eaten within 2 hours. It starting to actually scare me now the thought of eating food. Particularly a larger meal (I.e Christmas dinner yesterday! Day ruined by being so poorly after dinner) I'm hoping getting back on my 5 small meals diet next week will help, but I was curious if others find they suffer the same way.

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Yes, I used to suffer mainly mornings and evenings, but now it can be on and off all day. I try not to eat big meals, especially something like a roast dinner! It's difficult eating at someone's house but easier at home. I find it's better to eat smaller meals and maybe have a snack in between.

Eliza85 in reply to crazy-daisy

Yes I do avoid large meals too normally, it's hard though around this time of year when you are visiting family and eating out isn't it Like you said ?? in definitely back to the smaller meals, it's taking over my life at the moment!

Thanks ??

Yes, holidays are killers. I went a month painfree, then went off again on an awful cycle eating something delicious which contained one of my triggers: broccoli :(

Eliza85 in reply to PatV

I do find I can control it slightly better eating little and often and the right things, excerises help but I have to admit I've been moving very little this last few weeks! Back to it next week though as I'm helping support my other half train for a triathlon ??

Holiday season almost over and I'm almost glad now!


P's everyone those question marks on my replies was supposed to be smilies!

My symptoms started with constipation and over two years changed into a combo of both and then solely diarrhoea which I've had since. I never used to get cramps but I suffer with ridiculous bloating and pain now which I didn't have 6 years ago. This Christmas has ruined me! I have been in constant pain for four days solid and the loo has seen me more times that I care for :P

I know exactly how you feel about this Christmas kiwimiwi my day was completely ruined I had to go to bed in the end. The last 2 days I've barely eaten (I know that's no good for me) but I just at a stage this week that I'm actually scared to eat. Maybe over dramatic a bit but it's getting my down, thanks for your note it makes you realise you don't suffer alone! I've never suffered with the constipation side only the other way and last year I've started with nausea in a mornings for first few hours of getting up. Thanks for replying.


Hi Eliza, I was diagnosed with IBS in 1996 and seemed to control it fairly well over those years. This year however I went through a restructure in work and had to apply for my own job and the stress involved was immense and the way of working has changed so much I really don't know whether I'm coming or going. My IBS certainly worsened and so much so I didn't know what to do with myself. My main problem is constipation, bloating, wind and pain and nothing works for the constipation. Anyway, what I have done is cut out broccoli, cauliflower and grapes, I was eating an awful lot of grapes and eating cauliflower and broccoli most days. I am alot better now than I was but have been to the doctor who referred me to a dietician and she mentioned the 'FODMAP diet', she is going to contact me when someone at the local hospital has been trained and then put me on the diet. Will update all when on the diet.

Hope you feel better real soon and sorry Christmas Day was ruined for you. Oh, and by the way, I tend to graze, I don't eat big meals.

Eliza85 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for this, I'm looking forward to getting back to my small meals I must admit. I do feel better doing that, Ive had IBS about 8yrs now and the last year it seems to have changed a lot that's why I am thinking of finally going through the tests. Thank you for your post about the tests too, I am going to speak to docs again. It is the colonoscopy that worries me most but not the actual procedure more the lead up to it, that stuff they make you take to go to toilet. I can't get my head around it as I spend everyday trying to stop myself going! :)


Just think of it as a very brief period of taking the liquid, it really isn't that bad but you will need to take time off work for it. I was at home so was using my own toilet which was much more comfortable. It is well worth having the procedure as at least you will know once and for all that it is definitely IBS. Best of luck with the doctors but my advice is to do what I did and ask to be referred to a dietician, doctors don't like this but if you have a good one he/she will listen. I can't wait to try the FODMAP diet, although I know it will be very hard it will be worth it in the end. Best of luck :)

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