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Hi everyone . I suffered a very bad bout of ibs spasms and pain last week for 11 hours ...nothing worked so went to the hospital where morphene didn't even take the pain away ...my stomach has been very extended and swollen all week ...I bought fennel tea and silicogel gel from the health shop and taking that along with colofax has really helped greatly. ..sorry to put it bluntly but I'm blowing off and that's a problem I suffer with not being able to ...its really taken a lot of the discomfort and swelling down. ..I would advise to try these .

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  • Thanks for the advice. I'll have to check my pharmacy for silica gel. Is the fennel tea special or just boiling fennel in water?

  • Hi ..you just put it in a cup and add boiling water ...They are both very good at soothing the colon and helps get rid of bloating ...good luck ...let me know if it works for you too . This ibs thing can really get you down x

  • You can get both from Holland and Barrett ..fennel tea is a tea bag ...just add hot water ...I leave the tea bag in my cup ... its not an unpleasant taste .x

  • We're do you get this I don't even know what fennel is lol xx

  • Lol...I didn't know what it was until this week. .Google it ots really good for bloating and wind etc ....I got mine from Holland and Barratt health shop xx

  • That's great that it helps you :)

    Have you tried peppermint oil capsules, its all natural medicine, you can get it over the counter online or in some pharmacy. I take it everyday & it really helps well with intestinal pain. Fennel is also good for relieving gas & bloating which you are already taking. I also take psyllium husk powder (all natural) which helps to clean the colon.

  • Funny you should mention peppermint oil capsules as I was thinking of getting some ..I will now and also that psyllium husk powder ..where do I get that from? This ibs is just awful isn't it ...I suffered a bad attack last Sunday ...I had really bad stomach spasms that lasted 11 hours ..I went to the hospital and morphene didn't even work ...I think it's because when the spasms started I was in work and couldn't take anything when they first started ....my stomach was so distended and only the past 2 days ots started to go down and not painful to walk from all the bruising ....I had my first meal this evening and no spasms yet :-) so fingers crossed xx

  • Thats why its IBS.. loll :) it doesn't give any straight forward symptom relief, but if you do watch out your diet, it can heal the symptoms by a huge amount. Take some notes of your food that triggers the symptoms and that which doesn't. Just google, heather tummy tamers peppermint oil capsules, you can order it from amazon. I am taking it twice a day on empty stomach. Probiotics are also good for developing healthy gut flora. Apart form all these, STRESS is major cause as the pain in the guts directly affects the brain also. You can try some stress-managment techniques, like some natural methods.. meditation, yoga, etc. That will also help :--)

  • Lol ....I woke in the night with spasms but not excruciating pain .....I think my bowels are going to take a while to settle after that bad episode but I'm happy that it wasn't a bad attack and settled

    Down ....im buying some peppermint oil capsules today x

  • Do you ever wake in the night with niggly spasms? I'm a little concerned now as I just read it's very rare x

  • don't worry over it. It happens in some cases. I wake up in fact at midnight due to pain, but then take some natural remedies (carom seeds, turmeric & black salt with some water) which helps to minimize the pain & then I can sleep easily. Try peppermint oil capsules (enteric coated), it will help definitely :)

  • Aww thankyou ..I will definatly get some tomorrow :-) and I have started a food diary ...so far it's micro chips or bread ...coffee ...and uncle bend savory rice ...that's nearly everything I have ate the past few days haha xx

  • I suffer from the IBS with diarrhea. Imodium doesn't help. Xifaxin didn't help. Taking Bentyl so I don't have the stomach pain. But the gas and bloating. Lord LOL! Yesterday I thought a Wildabeast was in my stomach as loud as that noise was. Imodium didn't slow down the diarrhea either. Do you all have any suggestion? Thank you!

  • I will shortly will be on the low FODMAP diet and sticking to it as much as possible and keeping a food diary too to help spot the culprits for me, but recently I have found out that chamomile tea and fennel tea are high fodmaps so could exacerbate symptoms for some. This is confusing as both are comforting and relieve wind and I like them!!!

    Good luck Aj1967 and hope you feel better soon. x

  • I also suffer it bad at the moment I'm on amytpyline just got mebervine not that good my amytpyline are not for ibs buy restless leg syndrome they are not a nice tablet especially as I suffer from fatigue and brain fog

  • Aww sorry to hear that ...its not a good time of year to get a bad bout of it :-( im not going to be able to eat a proper Xmas dinner ...ggrrrrr xx

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