symprove on trial

Having read that this could be 'the very thing' I am giving it a go. After many years of IBS symptoms and the fact that they are now getting worse I thought i should give this product a go. A Recent clinical trial seems to have had good results (only 186 people in the trial and 50% of those got the treatment).

I cannot make any plans or if I do have to ensure that I have taken loperamide to ensure I dont get caught out.

I will blog regularly to let you see my findings. Have just started Symprove today - a 500ml bottel costs £21.95 and recommended dosage is 1ml per 1kg of weight, so currently on 100ml. I think that works out at about £4 a day but for me well worth it if the symptoms are eased and I can get my life back. As I am currently trying to lose weight as well -hopefully it will turn into a win-win situation.

I am going to try it for at least 12 weeks so have just ordered a 4-bottle pack.

I will try and blog once a week just to let you know how things are going.

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  • plz plz be careful lv x

  • Dear Allibea

    I have been on Symprove for about 4 months now and it has definitely changed my life around. I am gradually weaning myself off it now but if my symptoms return to how they were before I started taking it I will go back on it as £2 a day is a drop in the ocean to getting your life back!!!! By the way you can get a 4 bottle back on Sunshine Health website with free delivery for £71.80.

  • Hi, just read your comment and I thought I'd just pass on a bit of info - My doc recommended that people taking Symprove for IBS and not for general gut health should continue taking the product indefinitely, either by taking less than the usual dose everyday or taking the proper dosage every other day or so. I'm glad that it works for you, I wish it had done so for me!

  • Dnt understand last comment-what do I need to be careful of?

  • Symprove really is a wonderful product for those it works on! It's such a simple product and most people would rather take this than tablets! I was on the trial for it and unfortunately it didn't work for me but the ones it did work for had really good results! Good luck and I hope it works well for you!

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