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Moxa acupuncture and mesalazine trial

For the past ten weeks I have been taking part in a trial that I found out about on the IBS Network web site.


It involves taking a sachet of granules that are either a placebo or mesalazine, One in the morning and one at night.

At the beginning of the trial I was having pain around 7 or 8 most days my pain is currently down to 4 most days sometimes a little higher.

Iv recently started having acupuncture too. The practitioner has been focusing mainly on my digestion and treating diarrhoea. This is helping, Apparently Diarrhoea is a cold Illness so they use warm needle's to treat it . This involves putting moxa on the end of the needles and they warm up. IT is very relaxing if nothing else

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About 15 years ago I had a course of 'gut related hypnotherapy' which didn't help my IBS at all, although it was very relaxing, but at the time it was a very new therapy. I am wondering is anybody else has tried this more recently and if it was effective.


I have quite a few different hypnotherapy courses and none have worked for me.


could be worth a try


Agree with Ella, it could be worth a try.


Hey JazzyJoan.....yes i had the gut directed hypnotherapy at withington hospital under prof whorwell who pioneered it. Unfortunately for me after about 20 sessions and the home cd you used, it didnt quite work for me as it did for others. Others i know did see huge success. Anyway i still see the prof at Withington in Manchester to this day.

Whether its come on since when i had it, which is about 14 - 15 years for myself too, i dont know


I'm in the middle of reading the IBS Solutions book, which is very good, and the doctor who's written it recommends hypnotherapy and says it does work but only for some sufferers. He also talks about breathing incorrectly and says that the 'wrong' breathing can cause IBS as you're taking in too much air which causes bloating and pain. So now I'm trying to relearn how to breathe!!! It's not as easy as it sounds, but I'm persevering. I'll try anything!!


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