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Anything to ease the pain?

I know you have to be over 16 to be on this site but I'm 13 and have had IBS for a year now and I wanna know if theres anything to ease the pain a bit because its affecting my confidence, as in I can't talk infront of the class because as soon as i get nervous my stomach is gripped with pains,and it also means i can't go to all my dance classes in fear of having to run off. If anyone has any ideas for things i could try it would be very helpful:)

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Hi there Confused..you should go to the doctors with your Mum and see if he can help you! You could buy some imodium over the counter at a Chemist. Just try taking one every 4 days and see how you get on! You can take solphadadin plus for the pain..Hope this helps..Do thiswith your Mum!!!! xxx


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