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Sensitivity to Japanese food?

So i've tried the FODMAP diet and thought I had a pretty good idea now what my triggers are. I know that processed foods often affect me. For example I don't buy bottled sauces like teriyaki sauce because i know they will upset me. Last night we had Japanese at a nice restaurant. I had teriyaki beef which came with rice and a small green salad. Now this morning my bowels are very upset and I can't work out what the trigger was, or if it was just the combination of foods. I don't have any pains, not very bloated, just feel like I have the 'runs' a little. I thought that restaurant food would be better for me as I know it's fresh and cooked well. Now I have no idea!

Does anyone else find certain types of cuisine or sauces/condiments upset them? I'm pretty sure the meat in itself isn't the trigger. My thoughts are the sauce but who knows. It's getting frustrating now after a year and a half of ups and downs.

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One of my worst triggers is rice, could it perhaps have been that?


Hi Rosie, maybe. The rice was definitely more like sushi rice, very dense and slightly sweet. I have reacted to brown rice before so maybe it is the rice :) Thanks for your reply!

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Yes, the only grains I'm okay with are oats and maize, might be worth you trying the same thing for a while.


Yep. Japanese and Thai. I suspect the Thai is due to certain vegetables or common sauces - when I make it at home I have no problems, but the Japanese stumps me. Ramen seems to be okay, but sushi affects me at 75% of the restaurants I visit. I suspect it's something like the particular brand of wasabi, soy or pickled ginger bugs me. Sauces are always suspect for me - do you have a problem with corn? Many sauces are thickened with corn starch or have fructose or corn syrup in them. A lot of restaurants use prepackaged sauces.


Hi, good to know i'm not the only one! Yeah I think it must be something in the sauce. I'm ok usually with even Indian food- get a little bit of gas but i think that's pretty normal. It's a shame about Japanese because I know it's pretty healthy and nice. i haven't tried making my own but I do make the occasional stir fry with soy sauce and hoisin sauce and I'm not too bad with that. Thanks for your reply :)


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