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Pain after going to the toilet?


In most of what I have read about IBS, one of the 'tick boxes' is that it is relieved by going to the toilet. Does anyone else find that going actually starts the pain off? I often find this, as if the movement of going causes pain, and sometimes this can be just when urinating (where I often find I really need to push the muscles to go)? Interested to know if this is a common IBS symptom?


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Hi merlin

I also suffer more pain after using the loo, could be the bowl being active? Hope you are feeling better today


In my experience the pain is when you have constipation and you have started to move your bowels. There will be a movement all the way along the large colon and because the faeces are hard cause pain when they move. Because the two systems of urine disposal and faeces run right alongside each other in our bodies if you have hard stools it can also affect your urination and cause pain.

If I have a meal with something which disagrees with me like onions or gluten I too wake up anytime between 1 and 4 pm and cannot get back to sleep. As suggested by the other respondent look to your food and eliminate anything you think is generally on each of these meals. Keep a food diary which will help you identify the culprit. Good luck


My bad-bowels are often relieved by going to washroom. I have IBS D. I have pretty instant relief for a wee bit.


Thanks for the comments. It may be related to constipation then, though I don't consider this a main problem - I go pretty regularly although they are sometimes small, fairly hard pieces, though equally often it can be quite soft. I also find that taking anything like laxatives (or similar) makes me very uncomfortable and seems to upset the bowels. I'm doing a food diary at the moment, and trying the low fodmap diet. I'm also waiting for some new blood test results and for a referral to a gastroenterologist so hopefully will get some answers soon!

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hi if going to toilet is the D. Then yes start of ibs. not heard of urine issue may be best to get gp to check that out for you.


Well I get that to, not on your own


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