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Worse IBS C after hysterectomy

I have had alternating IBS D/C for 20 years. Since having a hysterectomy 3 years ago I am really struggling with IBS -C. No amount of fruit, veg, licorice, prune juice, linseed or lactulose etc etc seems to work very well. Not severe but uncomfortable and unpredictable. I started using Symprove pro biotic a couple of months ago which has helped the pain a lot but not the bunged up feeling. Any suggestions ?? (I'm 52)

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I am 50 and suffer from the same problem despite eating lots of fruit and veg. I have been put on a drug called Resolor or Prucalopride. It has to be prescribed. Besides this (and I have been doing this a long time) the best natural thing to do is take about 600 - 1000 magnesium citrate or oxide first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait about 45 before eating. I also have lemon juice and hot water. This has helped for me. There is also a product called Colosan which is amazing. Look it up by the Finchley clinic. Hope this helps.



I would not suggest the lactulose route since it is medication and a lot of sugar too which impacts immune system and has no benefit to the body etc.

However linseeds are good soaked overnight - 1 tsp and then in the morn boil kettle add a dash of hot water and drink down. If you are not drinking enough water (purer the better) you will still be bunged up. Without knowing you its difficult to say but the base line of water per day should be 4 pints and above for other reasons. Give it a go, there are other things I could suggest but this is a really good one and it gives you fibre and valuable EFA (essential fatty acids) in one sitting. It can then be increased.

I would also suggest that you seek out a good Nutritional Therapist to help you with this problem. I am a Therapist but based in Farnborough, Hampshire and only cover Hamps/Surrey face to face. Although I do do telephone/postal consultations. If you want a chat we can schedule a 10 minute free chat.

I wish you all the best

Lisa Tomlinson

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist


Find at facebook: Nutritional Naturopathic Therapy by Lisa Tomlinson NHF



This just shows how diffent we all are I had a hysterectomy at 35.... 12 years ago and am having my first flare up of ibs ... I honestly though it had gone for good a week ago it came back with a vengeance.

Hope you get it sorted xx


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