Is IBS for life?

Have had IBS for many years, its the 'urgency' to get to a toilet which is very debilitating and embarrassing, the only medication I take to relieve the diarrhea is 'Immodium Instants' which helps for a couple of days if Im lucky, I have no pain or spasms. Tried cutting out all sorts of foods but to no avail. Guess Im stuck with this forever!! Anybody else thinking 'Why Me'?

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  • I have had i.b.s. for about a year and half now a couple of months it got really bad so i went to doctors for him to tell me i have severe i.b.s its crazy and its for life taking tablets every morning and during the day i get really depressed

  • Hi, What tablets are you on. Have you had any investigation or advise. Seems a bit rough to just tell you its for life. Stck with us here as pretty sure others will give some guidance.

  • hi one of the tablets is mebrevine and colefac and yes i.b.s is for life i was told there is no cure for it gets me so depressed at times x

  • The above medication didnt help me. Went onto protem pump Rabeprazole 20mg which was a little better. Then was suggested to try soya milk and lactose free which I find a great help. Almost back to normal. Going to request a Lactose intolerance test from gp appointment in 10 days.Th. e gastroenterology clinic was no help at all. It sure is a troublesome condition, I had to pull myself together last year. Would hate to go over the last 2 years again ...just hope lactose free continues to help me. Lets hope you get suitable care. What about tests such as endoscopy or Lactose intolerance.

  • I have to go doctors in morning as I am getting a leakage through my back passage after having a no.2,is this related to having i.b.s or not I dont know whats wrong is it related or not plz help me for gods sake.

  • Yes, I've often thought that too. I am 43 and have suffered with it since my mid twenties. It has cost me employment and livelihood with a devastating affect on my family. The only relief items that I have tried are: calcium supplements, hypnosis and acidophilous tablets. Good luck to you...

  • I often think 'why me'. I've had IBSd for 14 years now and in that time have never has a 'normal' bowel movement and when I need to go I have too! Many people don't understand the problems and stress that is caused by IBS and believe you me I have had to use many excuses over the years when that urgency calls-and not to be too crude have had to nip behind a bush many a time when travelling!

    IBS can get you down and at times it can stop you having a social life and in some cases a working life. I have tried everything out there to try and get some relief but nothing really works for me. There are times when I feel very down and miserable but for me it is important to speak to others about my problems. I spoke to the people who I work with and am always open now and explain, especially in awkward situations, such as small meetings, appointments etc, that I have IBS and there may be need for me to use the toilet urgently. Most people don't think this as odd and it is surprising how many people will sympathise with you.

    Find out what works for you -Immodium is ok but tends to cause me discomfort and I do take Coedine occasionally. I am not gluten intolerant but do find it helps with the bloating if I eat as little gluten as possible. I do not cut it out altogether. I avoid too much fibre and fruit but saying this I try to eat as normal as possible. It may sound silly but I never have coffee when I am out and don't eat a really heavy meal when out either.

    I think it is sometimes a process of taking time to find out what works for you.

  • OMG, we are so alike, 'Immodium Instants' agrees with me most, used to take the normal Immodium but started giving me 'dehydration pains', had lots of Colonoscopy's , 'stool tests' over the years and was beginning to wish they would find something then at least I would know the cause but every time they say "everything is clear", tried all medications but nothing helps, codeine doesnt agree with me, Lomotil causes stomach pain, Mebeverine/Colofac does nothing , peppermint does nothing, going to try the Herbal route again, Milk Thistle supposed to help but I wont hold my breath. Tried cutting out so many things but every day can be different, what agrees with me one day might not agree with me the next. I was the same as you, when friends used to go for a coffee I wouldnt take anything cos I couldnt bear the embarrassment of running off to find a toilet, and as for Public Transport I couldnt even think about sitting on a bus/train unless I knew a toilet was onboard. Ok talking to people about it but at the end of the day nobody can understand unless they suffer from it , wish I had the 'constipation' version of IBS instead of this. If anyone finds the miracle cure let me know.

  • I have had IBS for years and have controlled it pretty well for a long time. They did the camera thing but found nothing thank goodness. Trying Probiotic Acidophilus and cutting out caffeine now. The NHS web site is pretty good for dietary advise and its useful to find out which foods you are intolerant to. I tried a kineseologist (don't know how to spell this) and she was very helpful.

    On a more positive note - yes it may be for life but in my case I have been able to control it with diet for the most part. I'm going through a bad patch now but won't let it beat me and to be honest had let things slip diet wise.

  • I too have also had IBS for years and have been on a roller coaster ever since. It can be horrible and can take over your life. I am same age as few of you on here 42, with 2 children, 2 stepchildren, 2 stepgrandchildren, husband and dog and work 30hrs per week!! Life is hectic enough without being in constant pain and worry all day long. Have tried EVERYTHING...medication, self help, changed job, diet, hypnosis etc but nothing seems to help for much longer than a few weeks. I dont think I can write here what I have fully experienced over the last 3 years but just wanted to say have been helped by a very "vocal" and kind friend to find a doctor that can sympathise and help in the last few weeks and she has a put a care plan together along with a referal for cbt. I have also found a lovely nutrionalist in Bristol where I live who is helping me too. This seems to have made me feel slightly more positive and hopeful for the future. Would be great if anyone out there knows of any support groups etc in the Bristol area??

  • ibs in child

  • IBS Had ruined my life. For the past 15 years it was just gotten worse. I have tried and used everything I can get my hands on and all my money but nothing has worked. I have no hope too.

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