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Does anybody else suffer this way during a flare up?

I get really bloated and moody and i go terribly OCD and can not stand dirt or untidy places, then my mood swings kick in and my partner gets an ear bashing but then i want to eat junk food (just like being pregnant i believe) and i get tired really easy and sleep, but always wake up feeling hungover with a headache and tight guts and the feeling im going to vomit.

My poos can go from pretty much normal to very sloppy and i get bad wind.

Anyone else suffer this way? (Its putting alot of pressure on myself atm as im feeling im just diving my partner a hard time for the sake of it)

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I can relate to the mood swings and headaches totally. I find that at certain points in the month I crave sugary, stodgy foods and overeat usually in the evenings when I trying to wind down. Might be a good idea to keep a mood and food diary?

I think hormones play a big part but also stress. I suffer dreadfully with ibs after my few days of giving in to food cravings, the pains are awful.

Look at contraception too, my symptoms and moods were awful when I took the pill, had the coil was even worse. Worth lookin at every possible cause, the mood swings scream hormones to me but it could be you suffer with depression too. Its worth discussing these symptoms with your gp.

Look at diet and lifestyle, Do you eat healthily? Exercise daily? Drink enough water? How do you de-stress?

Hope you find something that helps x


I eat well yes and i do alot of walking but suppose i dont excersise.

I get reiki treatments to help deal with stress, im also a massage therapist


Oh yes, being on the pill was HIDEOUS. Never again !!!!!!

My IBS used to be far worse when I was PMT.

Too old for that now.... has its advantages !!!!!! Ha Ha


IBS definitely affects mood

Hang on in there, concentrate on solving the IBS

Try a low FODMAP diet.

check out

alittlebityummy blog

monash university low fodmap diet blog

Lots of reading , a lot to take in , but it works for 75% of IBS sufferers. It does not cure, but it does put you in control.

Have you been checked for Coeliacs (gluten intolerance) ?

Are you seeing a doctor?



Actually, I had ibs for years without it affecting me in any way mentally... except for the fact that you are more limited in where you go and what you can do so much of the time.

However, once I started having anxiety (couple of years ago)... this definitely affected my IBS... then it can become a vicious circle... but the physical condition of ibs alone should NOT have mental affects on you... but it comes about because of how miserably limiting ibs can be and the way it affects our lives.

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