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A poem I wrote that sums how I feel .

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I will give you my pain for a hour,and see how you cope in that time .

I will give you my pain for a day and will see how long it takes you to weep.

I will give you m6 pain for a week and see how long it takes you. To scream and beg for relief.

In that hour I can eat what I like as I’m pain free

In that day I can go to the shops have my hair cut and have lunch out as I’m pain free.

In that week I can go on the train and visit my grandchildren and hug them and run about as I’m pain free

In that pain free hour day and week is what I long todo

So when you ask me if I’m ok and I say no.I’m in pain and feel rotten and I’m not really a moan .

I want you to listen and hug me and say it will be alright don’t give up keep up the fight . But I long for a day or a hour pain free to be me the old me not this me .

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So beautiful and soul moving

So true. ❤️❤️❤️

This is what I want to say to th doctor to the people who says it’s onl IBS to the The specialist who’s say you will just have to learn to live with it .

I know, I know, why would we make it up? We could be enjoying life if we didn't have this awful condition. Most days I just wish I was dead.

I am sorry that you feel this way and I hope things improve for you x


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Frasina in reply to Maureen1958

And many others feel like this too some days; I started to keep a journal documenting how I was feeling, what I had eaten, how much my gut was 'misbehaving' and other bits of information that I thought would be relevant to that particular day. I did however, always try to include something positive amongst the negatives! In my case this helps me to see 'the wood from the trees' as anyone with a chronic illness will say that some days are worse/better than others. Ideally we need to focus on the 'better days' - yet it is human nature to tend to focus only on the negative and this is not great for stress levels....

Just a thought for anyone out there who feels their condition is a never ending nightmare - write it all down, be completely honest with yourself and find some positives to draw upon. x

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Maureen1958 in reply to Frasina

I do try to keep positive but I am so tired after 35 year of fighting this "thing". Also now seem to have Fibro and TMJ type symptoms and it's just all too much! Constant pain. I am lucky to get about 4 hours a week when I feel almost normal now! There are not any positives to draw on anymore!

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Frasina in reply to Maureen1958

I am sorry to hear that you have additional issues asides so many years of IBS. One thing is bad enough but seems we all have a good few other conditions to put up with too. My reason for documenting in the first place was because I was at the end of my tether last September with IBS, what I now know is IBD and some sort of bladder problem (still unresolved). This is asides having sarcoidosis and a slow growing meningioma; all different conditions - some chronic. Like you, the positives are wearing thin, but I have found it useful as on days when things have not be 'that bad' I can look back and read how I felt. I hope that you get to find some relief from your new symptoms - maybe others with Fibro and/or TMJ can make some suggestions for you. Take care x

Absolutely brilliant x

💗 thank you

Your poem is so true. Other people who do not have IBS realise what it is like to live with this condition. As someone said on this post, people say "it's only IBS" and even Drs don't always understand. Perhaps they would, as your poem says, if they had to bear the pain even for an hour. Well said!

So beautifully put .I know people who don't have it it just don't understand , why would they ' it's only IBS 😤 .That really makes me mad and sad at the same time .

Fantastic if only they could I am sick of people saying have you tried this my friend dose this I am 82 years old I have had ibs since I was 38 years and still suffering x

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Readmeastory in reply to 1660tpd

I’ve only had it for 2years and I’m 66 but I struggle some days more than others but it’s peoples attitude that gets to me . I wrote that as that’s how I feel nobody understands unless they suffer from it . 💕

Very true, did you see the poem I put on here a few weeks ago?

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Readmeastory in reply to Boxroad

Yes I did that’s why I decided to put mine on as fed up people saying it’s only . And same with some doctors and to be honest I just feel like punching someone if they say it again 😩

Beautiful, so moving 😊

Well said.... and yes to Boxroad, read your poem too a few weeks ago.

There should be a 'directory' of medical professionals who also have all these conditions (i.e. IBS or IBD etc..) We could then at least speak to someone who really does understand our predicament! Obviously, this could never happen - but it does seem a good idea!!

So true and such a help. The good days are bliss but the bad ones! Must learn to embrace them!!!

Ahh bless you. I wish you well. xxxx

Such a beautiful poem heart felt and sincere poignant and to the point keep these poems coming, thank you for sharing ❤️🙏👌 x

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