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I feel like I jinxed myself...

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I came on here feeling really happy with the advice i could offer, as someone who has IBS but has managed to get past it and eat normally again after some really bad times..not to say what ive done will work for everyone but i know how important it is to know that there is hope and that things can help!...So then I go out and eat a burger with a friend at the weekend and experience the most epic stomach cramps and upset stomach ive had in a long while! its gone on 2 days now!! and im really scared i am back to square one! I have been under some emotional stress recently..so that plus the junk food i have eaten is probably to blame! But i am going to try and stay positive as i know I can get better...i just cant bare to go through another 2 months if this!

My friend that ate the burger also had some stomach cramps, but nothing as bad as mine, so i guess we can safely say the burger is what set me off! When this gets better i am going to have to be a lot stricter about what and where i eat! but its really hard to say no to certain foods when your stomach feels 'normal'..

Sorry for moaning, i just needed to vent! fingers crossed i get over this fast! And i hope everyone feels better soon as well :)

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Poor you ,you wonder if its worth it, but when you feel good for a while it is natural to just talk yourself into it thinking "it will be fine" sorry you didn't get away with it this time, but yes you know what you need to do and you will get pain free again soon I hope take care :)

I'm sorry you had that bad experience but comfort yourself that your friend had tummy upset too

Tell yourself it's not the IBS it will pass

I hope you feel much better today

We've also been there at some point and can appreciate how frustrated you feel. If your friend also had tummy issues then it may just have been an undercooked burger and you've just been unlucky. Don't give up and hope you feel better soon.

We have all been out and choose the wrong meal - it can be hell but we need a life!

Berger eaten Sat eve,pain arrived Monday.Think it's the type of bread in the bun,raw onion and inferior cheese as th meat in my case well cooked.Beware chips cooked in old or inferior oil.Back to rice and pasta perhaps?

MaggieJemima have you tried a gluten free burger bun?

Thanks for all your kind words guys! it means a lot :) and really does help! I am trying to think of it s a quick and normal bug that has nothing to do with IBS! Must remain positive! And yep back to rice and potato and banana! xx

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Sounds like the burger was off !

if I have a burger I tell them no mayo thanks; did you have mayo ?

you could have an infection in your gut. have you been to gp ?

i have had to have antibiotics in the past.

Are you allowed paracetamols ?


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I am hoping it was just a bad burger - i am not sure if there was mayo - there was cheese! i will eat plain and hope it goes! if not ill go back to the docs! but this happened to me a month ago and i was unable to eat anything but rice or potato egg or banana for almost 2 months! wasnt fun! i am hoping this will just be a quick visit from the IBS fairy! fingers crossed :) and thanks!

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Thats not a proper diet babe; if it happnd a month ago its stiil lurking; you dont need put up with pain. if whatever your meds are and they not make it go away, then, you prob have a gut backteria infection x Please dont wait to see GP

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Oh i know! ive gone all skinny fat from living on carbs! but i did i went to a specialist and they did all the tests and everything came back fine! so it appeared to be IBS! I was advised to eat plain until i started to feel better and the one day i was just fine! but if it continues again ill go back, fingers crossed it doesnt! just seems a part of life now!

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thanks for your concern though hun :)

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@pain57. What is a gut bacteria infection? How do u know u have one?


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If you go to GP they will ask for a poo test and it gets checked for that. If you have an infection ) GP will give you antibiotics.

Best Wushes PS the gut is your intestines and large colon. I think you know that.



So sorry to hear you were unwell. But what was the advice you were going to offer?

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check out my page! it was the last one i wrote :)

Thank you for your jinxed note. The same happened to me. I can't eat out anywhere anymore. Even butter used in places for breakfast ruins the egg and my tummy. I have to be so so careful if I want to stay sane. 🙋

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MinaFox in reply to Kathy1950

its really frustrating! And its upsetting in a way i dont think people without it can truly understand! but we will stay sane! And we will get through it!I nice to know there are people out there that understand! I will cross my fingers that you can eat out soon and be fine! Perhaps we should all become super healthy and fit and we will look and feel amazing! that is hard when my stomachs favourite food is rice haha - thanks for your response x :)

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Hi MinaFox, I know exactly how you feel, it happens all the time. You have several months of feeling fairly normal (at least by your standards) and then one ‘slip up’ and you feel like you've fallen into the black hole again! Bit like snakes and ladders isn’t it, lol. I find the best solution is to virtually fast for a couple of days, plenty of liquids, bland diet for a day or two then hopefully back to normal. Sometimes I never know why it kicks off, just have to accept it but without doubt anxiety plays a part. Hope you soon feel better.

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That is exactly it! its so hard not to let it get you down! touch wood i am feeling a bit better today! so i am gonna roll with this feeling! And i will try the fasting as well!! some great advice thank you :) x

I recently went on Holiday to Bulgaria (Sept 2016) for two weeks. It was an all inclusive deal, Breakfast,Lunch,and Dinner oh and afternoon snacks, and all the Alcohol I could drink! I ate and ate and ate, not stuffing myself, but you know, when its just there? I had two minor flare ups with my IBS. At home most days I am almost constantly in pain, from minor to major in strength.....

So how does that work out then? So much for watching what you eat? Maybe us IBS sufferers worry too much about what we eat, when we make it ourselves? I hate cooking now....excuse my ramblings, but its weird how I ate all that on Holiday, then when back home it all starts again? I am worse in the mornings when I go to the toilet, and often experience lower back pain, and feel like hungover. As I have said before, I have given up on the doctor's and NHS for help.....I am nearly 60 now, and think I started with IBS at 32....And don't mention FODMAP.

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I think maybe when you was away you were more relaxed 😀 I've been on fodmap for over a year & haven't seen much if any improvement at all 😩 I'm currently on week 2 of a bad bout of my ibs! Constant pain & taking colpermin & buscopan which really isn't touching the pain 😔

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Sorry to hear about your bad flare up over the last 2 weeks....fodmap I think I'll give it a miss. The obvious like heavy fried food, battered fish, and high fat foods I can not stomach. Mine almost goes away, then returns...keep positive, and together we try to help each other via the links. Can you take Ibuprofen occasionally? I do when the pain is really bad, but only now and again. Try to keep warm, and I often use a hot water bottle to make me feel cosy. When I am really bad I can't even talk, or be around people, so take to my bed.....

I 100% think it has a lot to do with mood and where you are and how you feel! when i was travelling for 3 months i was not stressed at all! But now im in a relationship which is good, but you know things can stress you and now ive had more flare ups! But its a vicious circle as we get more stressed, even if we sometimes dont realise it, and then we get IBS flare ups and then we feel worse and get more stressed! i sometimes think i need therapy haha! Recently i have taken to ignoring my IBS but its debatable if thats working! I found that when i started to go out and do fun things i started to feel better! and 100% need kombucha tea! but at the moment i have been having pebiotics and probiotics and im not sure if this has made me worse or just changed me from IBS D to IBS C! Its really hard! Maybe we should try to be a bit more carefree even without food and maybe we will feel better? The power of the mind!

Thats interesting, did you have IBS C or IBS D? I will look in to it! Thanks :)

I totallly hear u. For years I have gone in circles- one day being ok to eat something and then the next not. I often find if I get 'set off' I then cannot eat anything for days with rushing to the loo!

I was the same as you, when I felt well I eat things that I knew might make me ill. Sometimes I was ok but mainly I wasn't.

I have recently done a vegan, none gluten diet. It was extreme and I never thought I could do it. But I feel so much better and I have reintroduced things and now know what I react to - dairy and animal fat and weirdly garlic. Everyone is different. It's not fun or conducive to socialising but when you get there, you feel so much better.

Good luck!

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