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Apple cider vinegar

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Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar for bloating I feel like I’m running out of options every medication I get given works for literally 2 weeks to a month then side affects kicks in my body doesn’t like anything foreign unfortunately I don’t even take pain killers as they don’t work it just makes the pain less and I’m not a fan of any kind of drugs but I’m hoping the omeprazole lasts because it’s helping with gastric issues but for the ibs nothing seem to work.

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I had the tablet form. Made my bum and insides sting. I mean really sting!!! I threw them away.

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Sshhh22 in reply to Maureen1958

Oh gosh well never mind them have you tried anything else or just haven’t bothered

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Maureen1958 in reply to Sshhh22

I have tried so many things over the years but never found anything to work I'm afraid.

Bloating is a big symptom of IBS. The only thing you can do is follow the Fodmaps diet but don't eat or drink anything dairy or has yeast in it. Yeast intolerance can cause bloating big time. No yeast means no bread products or anything fermented like vinegar or wine. I would also suggest not eating anything spicy or has onion or garlic in it.Omeprazole doesn't suit everyone and can cause IBS upsets.

I’ve tried the fodmap diet and what it says is ok I find it is not aswell as what’s not ok I’ve cut out dairy as a whole I have lacto free milk now, I’m having to look at the ingredients of everything I buy and eat as plainly as possible I’ve only just started on omeprazole I find that wheat barley soya yeast is an issue, I’ve also tried free from and I just felt sick and horrible 😩 it just seems like something you can’t win with 😏

I wouldn’t take it as you’re on omeprazole which is a ppi so inhibits stomach acid . You could try peppermint tablets or tea in some people ppis make ibs worse x

Have you been tested for h pylori?

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Sshhh22 in reply to A2060

No but I am calling doctors tomorrow so I’ll see what they say

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