Apple Cider Vinegar side effects

Hi everyone,

No doubt somewhere in the past this topic has been covered but a search has not revealed much.

After reading some ones post about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar , I decided to try it out. Bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar from Holland and Barretts. Started taking two tea spoons of it in some water ,pre breakfast.

First three days , I noticed little effect , although felt some increased stomach pain prior to a BM and larger clear out than normal. To-day I took a little more, maybe 3 tea spoons, and after breakfast , a lot of wind type pains , sorer than normal ,urgent need to go and big watery clear out which took a long while to cease. Pain now left me after this but basically it just felt to me , that my normal IBS symptoms were just worse than normal--heightened pain and system clear out. At first I thought ,what's caused this , what did I eat, then it occurred to me that the ACV is the only real change to my eating habits.

I cannot be certain if it is the ACV that is causing this but it certainly feels like that is the case and I am not sure if I want to continue taking it. Maybe this happens initially, then it settles down and provides benefits-- any thoughts anyone.

Just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. I assume this could be acting like some kind of detox for the system --but what are the benefits . Maybe does nothing for some of us but helps others.

I look forward to any replies and apologise if this subject has been covered in the past.


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  • wEll I did try it but had to stop cause I just didn't like it at all, so probably did not give it a chance

  • I tried this ages ago as I know it works for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it didn't help my symptoms, but didn't cause any bad side-effects either.

    Apples and their derivatives are a red light in the FODMAPs system and I was thinking that if apples are a problem for you, then probably the vinegar wouldn't be a good idea either.

  • Thanks Rosie. I might give it a little longer just to see if problem continues

    will give it some thought. Obviously IBS symptoms bad enough without making them worse.

    It is interesting though, that I have experienced problems after a glass of wine in the past , might be a connection there.

    Thanks again.


  • Im really sorry that the ACV did not appear to suit you, such a pity

    but we are all different. Ive tried lots of things that others have found worked for them, but we are all different and have differing problems.

    I usually have mine fairly warm with a little honey, but dont suppose

    that would make such a difference. So sorry it didnt help you.

  • Thanks for replying shirlygirly.

    It is noteable that no one has replied saying that it gave them worse symptoms.


  • Hi Will

    I've been taking acv for a couple of weeks tablespoon in morning with water and lemon juice....and until today had good diarrhoea! But today because I had to do something quite stressful to do it returned! which I suppose proves to me (in my case) stress is a big factor. Shame really thought this was my " magic bullet" but at the same time I don't think it's harming me...fermented foods are "probiotic" so will continue. Lin x

  • Cheers, Lin61,

    Sounds like it is probably helping-- Basically your stress caused a problem but that would be quite normal, even for someone without IBS. I would think you are correct in continuing with ACV .

    Glad it works for you.


  • Hi. It was recommended to me by a nutritionalist but only a spoonful at a time. I would imagine that 3 spoonfuls would be too strong for a delicate system to take. I was told to take a spoonful before every meal to help balance my system. Maybe it would be better for you to take a smaller amount at a time spread out across the day rather than a big amount in one go. It might be worth a try anyway. Take care

  • Hi will, I bought a bottle of Apple Cider V. And only had one spoonful and was in the loo all after noon , then when ifound out Fructose was my Problem it made sense . Apples and Pears are the worst for Fructose .

  • I take a dessertspoonful before breakfast and before my evening meal.

    I take it in at least about 200mls fairly hot water, I prefer it that way, and

    honey to taste.


  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the replies, on balance , I think I will leave it alone for a while , yesterday was not great--maybe same problem as Sammy200. If I feel brave enough ,I might give it another try sometime and see if same occurs. All seems calmer in guts today.

    Thanks again


  • I tried it once but didn't like it

    I think when stress happens nothing works....except Imodium.

    I wonder if anyone has ever been cured of ibs.....ever !

  • Hi calista,

    It seems unlikely ! In fairness there appears to be to many different ( possible)



  • Hi Will, sorry you went through that painful business! To me AVC is nothing short of miraculous for so, so many things... I am wondering if you took the ACV in at least 4 oz of tepid water (and I always added a 1/2 teasp of honey with 2 tablespoons of ACV. ) I have never heard of this as being a cure for anything ibs related, however... For me, I have used it for upset stomach, food poisoning(even e coli!) and sometimes gas pains; proved via Xrays to drs that I got rid of a bone spur by soaking my foot in ACV for about 3 months....and its helped some people I know with arthritis....

    But, Will, we are all different, and have different maybe its just not your cure... I'm not sure what you wanted it to do...have less pain with bm's??

    Sometimes stool softeners (like Colace) can help people with that problem. Or taking psyllium husks (in about 6 to 8 oz of water) before bedtime. At any rate, I wish you all good luck!

  • Diane

    I'm going through the same but I don't get diarrhea I get very bloated with lots of pain in my abdomen area .Iv also started with one spoon then went on to two and the three. It got worse.

    Just couldn't even walk because of the pain. So I stop taking it. Waited for a few months then I started to take ACV pills but I'm going through the same pain bloating and irritable pain but some constipation.... I don't know if it's good or bad ...

    I too want to know...

  • Hi there

    I have to say that although I do not have IBS .. when I tried ACV for the health benefits by taking just 1 tsp in nettle and fennel tea at night time with a spoon of honey , I definitely noticed a change in my bowels .. lots of wind and lots of movement almost like you say as if my system was clearing out

    . But it also left me feeling not as sharp/alert as usual.

    I only took it the once and left it a week . . Symptoms settled within one day of stopping it.

    The following week I was balanced, settled and feeling good.. . . But when I tried the ACV again, then all the same symptoms came straight backiback it doesn't suit me to be taken internally for sure.

    I know that there are health benefits but I found it too upsetting for my gut , to continue using it.

    I originally bought a bottle of ACV to remove skin tabs from under my armpits.

    Apparently if you dab ACV onto skin tabs several times a day , then after a couple of weeks they change colour, shrivel up and fall off .

  • Read your issue with wind with interest. I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar in water for about 2 weeks now and am experiencing a tremendous amount of wind 24/7. Also BM's several times a day. I was wondering what was causing it and then thought about the ACV and think that must be it!!

  • Hi 390618sally,

    I never tried it again, it just made my symptoms worse. Re reading the posts on this subject ,suggest that it does not help everyone . My conclusion is --if you try things and they don't help then best to move on and try something else..


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