Apple Cider vinegar

i have been reading the posts about ACV with interest. i have just ordered some to give it a try as I suffer from Reflux and have been on Lansoprazole for years, and am fed up with taking it. However luckily I was asking a friend about it and she knows everything! Anyway she said you have to buy ACV with the 'mother' obviously I thought she was mad but sure enough there is such a thing and apparently it is a ball inside which releases enzymes into the ACV. I have yet to try it so no idea if it will work.

Has anyone else tried this with the mother? Did it work?

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  • Not tried it but also a martyr to reflux and lanzoprazole so keen to know how it goes 😊

  • I have tried it as a cleanse. I don't know if it really agreed with my stomach. Have you tried baking soda for reflex? Table spoon/ half of a lime and water . Best if luck .

  • Thanks JoMarie it isn't just reflux, IBS symptoms too. So will give it a try for a while.

  • Just took some tonight with water on a whim because I'm going on 20 days flaring up with pain and bloating. It seems to have helped reduce the bloat, but I had an urgent moment of diarrhea approximately 10 minutes after consuming it.

  • Hi,

    I buy Braggs ACV from my local health store and I do find it helps, which is so weird to get your head round at first!

    I've been taking omeprazole 20mg for about ten years and was concerned with health issues they can cause so I started to look for natural options. I have gone from taking one every day to only needing one every fourth day. Instead I take a slippery elm capsule twice/three times a day before meals and this has really helped. It took about a year of having omeprazole every other day, then every third day, with the odd blip I eventually got it to about every fourth day and only 10mg.

    If I'm having the odd reflux I have some ACV diluted with warm water and it burns going down, but almost immediately stops the heartburn/reflux. I often start the day with freshly squeezed lemon juice a dash of ACV and warm water too.

    Good luck I hope you find relief too 😀

  • If you find the apple cider vinegar too sharp when you drink it, try adding a small teaspoon of honey with the warm water. It makes it more palatable. I have been trying all the same things as you mention, including the slippery elm which I buy as a powder so I can add it to foods (Holland and Barrett stock it and it's cheaper this way). I also decided to come off Omeprazole because of contra -indications with another drug I'm on (for rheumatoid arthritis not IBS). I want to try the natural options instead. I also use ginger a lot, a small piece chopped and added to lemon and hot water or mint and hot water and my latest, liquorice root and hot water. This one has to be taken with a bit of care as it works as a laxative very quickly in large amounts but it tastes great -half a teaspoon of chopped root is enough! All the things I have chosen are good for both my IBS and my RA, and seem to helping so far!

  • Oh also I think the lemon juice thing each morning has helped my IBS symptoms, but like everything it takes time to really start seeing benefits so stick with it (unless makes you worse)

  • Thanks Fruitbat77 thats so helpful. I too worry about the Lansaprozole which i have also been taking for years. I used to have boiled water with lemon juice every morning. Trouble is I like my coffee first thing! but think i need to stop that for a while. Do you think morning or is evening ok for the apple cider? I was thinking last thing at night?

  • ACV excellent for all sorts of things. Should take a tablespoon diluted in warm water (not hot as this kills the enzymes) in the mornings. It stimulates digestion and is an anti inflammatory - you need to give it a few weeks of trying to notice any difference. Always drink through a straw to preserve teeth from acid damage.

  • Thanks Ladynorth

    Very helpful

  • I just started the capsule ACV 450mg. I just take one at night till I am sure how it will set with my IBS-D. So far I dont feel bloated and seem to be regular ( no diarrhea).

  • Thanks Sherri50

  • Hi,

    Sorry only just seen your reply. I tend to have ACV with warm water as and when I need it now. But I used to have it morning and before bed, so just test it out and see what works for you. The suggestion of honey is a good one too until you get used to it 😀

    And yes ginger is great for loads of things inc digestion & inflammation, I also often add that to my warm water and lemon each morning.

    Have you ever tried chicory instead of coffee? I just got a really nice one that's 100% chicory root (as I can't have a lot of the blends due to the addition of barley/gluten) it tastes really similar to coffee. But then I can't have regular milk either so I've probably long forgotten what a real cup of coffee tastes like 😂

    Also to Kariss if you read this, I've been trying licorice root too and I also got the powdered form which you can add to lots of things. I'm trying to find things naturally to help my IBS, fibro & arthritis. Rose hip tea is also a good anti inflammatory.

    Good luck to us all and our natural remedies 😀

  • ACV (with the mother is key), lemon, warm water and a little cinnamon.

  • Oh dear I drunk the apple cider first time today!! Put some honey in it but obviously did not stir it properly, took a great big mouthful! Big mistake.

    Will persevere with it though.

  • I am interested in this as my reflux has abated after taking prescribed tablets but I am left with what I can only describe as thickest salvia in the mouth would ACV help this please

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