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Helicobacter Pylori

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A couple of months ago I started to feel quite unwell. During lockdown I was walking maybe 10 miles a week but all of a sudden I found it difficult to even walk 3 miles before feeling exhausted.

I was also feeling quite nauseous and even though my temperature was normal I was feeling very hot in bed.

I put up with it for a while thinking it was just a bug but it continued so I saw my doctor. They did blood tests, stool tests for various things and it all came back as satisfactory, yet the symptoms continued. They said she would test for Helicobacter Pylori and it came back positive...what a relief I thought. After a course of antibiotics and omeprazole I waited a week to see if the symptoms would subside but alas they didn't. They put me on another course of antibiotics and omeprazole which I have now finished but I am still having problems.

My question is this, how long does it take for things to start feeling better, if there is an ulcer would that take longer to heal after the anti-biotics (she has told me to keep taking the omeprazole once a day). Is it possible a 3rd week of antibiotics will be required? If you leave a weeks gap between doses does the pesky infection come back to full strength and need more and more.

The thing is it is so debilitating, this constant feeling in your stomach and pain bloating elsewhere, I am just so fed up of it. It's also causing anxiety (which I guess does not help) because I just feel awful.

Hope someone can help

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I was diagnosed with HP last year though I have been suffering with reflux symptoms prior to that. Now that you mention the symptoms I am also experiencing the same symptoms: fatigue, bloating, stomach pains, reflux, etc.

I’m surprised they offered you a second cause of medication. Did they ask for a retest? My doctor requested that I give it a few weeks before I can be retested again for another cause. Thankfully I was clear.

I had a stool test to confirm HP. Did your stool test not confirm this or does it need to be a specific stool test?

For what I have been told from other suffers is that symptoms ease after at least 1-2 years. It’s been 8 months for me and I still get bloated and pains. What I do to help ease my stomach issues a little is take silo gel, slippery elms and probiotics for gut health (boots) or you can try Alforex. My stomach was particularly sensitive to a lot of foods and medications but that has subsided a little. Food is still an issue. The infection can effect you in many ways - it’s awful.

Give it time and try to eat well.

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Thanks for your reply

They did a second stool test which confirmed HP hence the ABs.

They told me that they don't do a retest without request AND you have to be off the omeprazole for at least 2 weeks as it can give a false reading.

They kept telling me that I was also suffering from IBS so have prescribed a peppermint oil medication, with all that's going on I am unsure if this is helping.

Oh joy, does it really take that long? How awful. What worries me is that the little blighter is still hanging around and if I don't do anything it will continue to cause me problems.

It all just seems an unknown quantity and a lot of guesswork on their part.

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Catatvet05 in reply to joeycoco

I would request another stool test. My gp requested it several weeks after my first treatment because I was still complaining of symptoms. I was clear of any medication by then. Also I recently had an endoscopy, which again was clear of anything.

Don’t fret because it will take time. I am always feeling fatigue, and feel worse when I’ve eaten rice or sugar. It’s a nightmare!

I don’t think doctors realise how long or how badly hp can affect the stomach?

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joeycoco in reply to Catatvet05

Well I'll give it a week and see how I feel then give them a call again. I have read it might need a 3rd dose of the ABs...who knows...I don't think they do.

What worries me is that it's something else and all this messing about is just making things worse. I was overjoyed when they found the HP because "inconclusive" just means further tests are required, if it was only that simple!!

I have had what was suspected to be IBS for many years, bloating and abdominal cramps and pains etc but I do believe they just fob you off with that when it could be something else.


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Catatvet05 in reply to joeycoco

Yes same here with IBS.

I wouldn’t consider more AB because that can kill your good bacteria causing more bacteria issues. Do consider probiotics to build up good bacteria in your gut.

I don’t think they will find anything and don’t understand why they would offer you more AB if they haven’t retested you. I’m sure I’ve read research papers that AB treatments are not successful? If you researched on here, and from who I’ve contacted they will say your symptoms will stay for some time with out the infection. Even food poisoning and candidas can upset the stomach for a long time.

I would also suggest drinking organic India tea to ease anxiety- helps to calm me. The infection can be caused from stress, something which I suffered terribly since a personal event happened back in 2016 and 2017.

Take care.

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gurgleguts in reply to joeycoco

I was told that peppermint oil can cause problems as well. I had a few problems last year and whilst talking to my GP she advised me to stop taking it. I did this among a few other dietary changes the now im much better. Not saying stopping the peppermint cured me but I haven't touched it since and my symptoms are now manageable. Might be worth a shot if youre still having issues.

By the way, I believe HP can cause IBS or worsen it. Definitely is annoying, and painful! Feel for you.

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b1b1b1 in reply to Catatvet05

Yes, I agree. I have post infectious IBS. I think gastro infections cause something to go wrong in your GI tract and it takes a long time to improve.

Maybe try fight the bad bacteria with good bacteria. I started looking for my own cure after antibiotic, omeprazole, charcoal, antacid and anti depressant failed. Home made milk kefir really helped me reduce and manage symptoms. I also explored kombucha, ginger beer, turmeric beer as part of home fermentation experiment to rebalance gut microflora. These really relieved me off ibs. Milk kefir helped tremendously, so maybe it was because I was unaware I had lactose intolerance and the milk kefir bacteria digested lactose in my diet for me.

I personally don’t drink dairy and avoid gf products. I’ve tried a few but found turmeric to be harsh on my stomach. Kombucha has quite a bit of sugar but yes I’ve heard home remedies rather than bottles brought can help?

Maybe possibly try allergy test?

I don’t have allergies personally.

Can I ask which antidepressant you tried? Doc suggested that I’ve got functional heartburn associated with anxiety- cause of my acid reflux symptoms. I’ve had several tests and my acid level is fine. A consultation put it down to FH and put me on Amitriptyline which did nothing.

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19-43_Old in reply to Catatvet05

Tricyclics are (IME) a total waste of time in this kind of situation and the possible negative side effects much outweigh any positive effects. It's a blanket treatment when doctors are 'afraid' to utilize more targeted antidepressants - litigation mad patients and all that.

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Catatvet05 in reply to 19-43_Old

Couldn’t agree more. Certainly negative adverse affects were main problem and doctors couldn’t get it. I had most of the adverse symptoms. However, because I’m persistent in getting help with my reflux issues they have subscribed further antidepressants, though 2 so far were again terrible! I’ve been given another - Citaloptram but reluctant to try.

Keep thinking what else I can try but have tried so many and nothing seems to ease my reflux symptoms. IBS is settling a little since taking silco gel along with slippery elms and probiotics. Someone suggested the Cita med because they were experiencing similar symptoms as me and seem to know be in a better place in terms of easing symptoms; this was also a result of taking very good quality probiotics . I do believe HP infection hasn’t helped but all started when I experienced death in my family and loss of job at once.

I also had to go though 2 course of antibiotics before the stool test came back negative. My second antibiotics course finished in January and I still get some acidity symptoms on and off its.

Important thing is to continue with omeprazole for a couple of months after the course to allow the internally damaged area to heal with over acidity. Keep having smaller but regular meals and don't eat anything difficult to digest. You will have to look after the stomach carefully for the next 6 months at least

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Catatvet05 in reply to AMerchant

This is interesting. I was rested and results came back negative , however still got reflux issues.

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AMerchant in reply to Catatvet05

So do I but with time it will gradually reduce just need to manage the diet carefully

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Catatvet05 in reply to AMerchant

Fours year counting. Had reflux symptoms before the HP then bang it happened last year. Diet is really considered at all times but doesn’t stop acid / regurgitation. Fingers crossed. IBS is starting to subside since staking a few remedies.

Good morning, please see my original posts and comments,I I 18 month in to it with no much of success :( 😞

Seriously - see a better or more experienced doctor. H.Pylori with IBS bloating and other symptoms including the resultant depression that affects many sufferers requires an individual approach to diet and mindset. Stress is a major promoter of GERD and so many other ailments. Exercise (even if you find it difficult) is greatly beneficial to your general health. Pills aren't, but doctors like them, they must since they prescribe so many.

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Catatvet05 in reply to 19-43_Old

Someone I come across with gerd / IBS symptoms have eased since starting taking probiotics and then antidepressants several months later.

Have you considered Organic India tea? It helps with my mood and I believe my reflux / IBS symptoms is caused from anxiety. I was diagnosed with HP last year and still have symptoms . My reflux symptoms been same before this and I believe it’s caused HP.

Try Silico gel, slippery elms and probiotics for the gut together. It will take time but my IBS seems to help alittle - reflux that’s another issue.

Omeprazole (and other PPI's like it) causes problems with stomach aches and cramps for some people. People have discussed it here on these pages. I would suggest you stop taking it but discuss this with your GP first.

Hi I can relate to you. I have been ill with upper stomach pain since Sept last year. An endoscopy showed I had Esophagitis. At first I was on Lansoprazole but I came out in a itchy rash. I think it was because of the high dose I was on though as I have used them before okay. Anyway I was then put on Omeprazole 1 x20mg twice a day and my health just plummeted. I lost a lot of weight and felt very depressed. I was in a lot of pain and felt so bloated after eating. I could only wear lose fitting bra and trousers. In the the I was reffered to a Gastroenterology specialist who I spoke to on the phone. He straight away advised me to drop my dose of Omeprazole and sent me a prescription for another type of PPI which is a H2 Blocker called Nizatidine. I am a totally different person now and on the mend. Just waiting now for an ultrasound on my Tum and to do a stool sample. I think on reflection the Omeprazole was stopping me digesting my food very well and it was just building up. Also caused me to have a very low mood and no energy. All the best. Sue

I too was diagnosed with h pylori following syptoms of tiredness, weight loss, bloated stomach, belching, gas, constipation, etc. Prescribed triple therapy. Did a lot of research and decided not to go with the treatment. Been treated with antibiotics at young age, ruined my digestion for life. Good gut microbiome is so important for our health, antibiotics just wipe that out. Stomach acid is crucial for digestion, drugs like omeprazole suppress acid production, this causes more problems. All doctors do these days is prescribe you medications, most of them with horendous side effects. I was prescribed Citalopram after giving birth and not coping well. I experienced the worst side effects, stopped it after 1 day! No drugs for me, thank you.So i’ve been trying all sorts of alternative things: aloe vera juice, slippery elm, licorice, mastic gum. Can’t say I found a magical cure, but there’s no harm in trying. Trying to eat healthy too, not that easy especially with a young child. Stress is also a major factor for digestive health, although very hard to deal with.

Bought h pylori stool test kit from homehealth, the test didn’t detect h pylori. Will ask gp for retest just to be sure.

Hoping one day it will be all over and I will feel like myself again. Have to have hope!

Urease is used by HP for may functions so neutralizing urease is a flanking action.




H pylori, what a wonderful bacteria NOT. It can take several months to over a year or longer for symptoms to go. But it can cause ibs. I had it eradicated last sept but am still suffering. It’s getting better as time goes on but you have to be proper patient with this bug. It can leave you gut hypo sensitivity for a long time. Because of this you think you still have it when you haven’t.

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AMerchant in reply to A2060

So true. Was tested for helicobacter positive during an endoscopy in Oct 20 (but apparently there was no inflammation). Went through two 7 day antibiotics and ppi treatments with the second completing in January 21. Continued omeprazole for a month thereafter. Since Mar 21 I have been completely off ppi and in mid March my stool test also came back negative for h pylori. Symptoms have also improved a lot since.

However I still get bouts of silent acid reflux symptoms mainly tightness in the throat usually after eating. What could be causing this? What is the relationship between acidity and throat tightness

Because my first eradication treatment failed i keep having doubt that whether the second eradication treatment wad successful. Although my acidity symptoms has about 80% reduced since the end of the second treatment in January, I have off ppi since March and also had a stool test negative for h pylori in March.

Also since the infection in June 20 I have lost about 15kg. Although I have started to eat better since March still not gained any weight. How long does it take to gain back 15kg after eradicating h pylori with post treatment syndrome?

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A2060 in reply to AMerchant

Seems like your on the mend now! Be patient it’s going to take several months to calm down completely

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AMerchant in reply to A2060

How are your symptoms. I think you had test h pylori positive last just as me

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A2060 in reply to AMerchant

Finally settled after 8 months

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AMerchant in reply to A2060

During the 8 months did you have ups and downs? Did you go through periods when acidity symptoms were almost gone but then returned for a week or so before subsiding

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A2060 in reply to AMerchant

Yes. But I also had wind and spasms that flared up just when I thought it had gone! Gradually they got less

I had the same problem as you and had been on antibiotics for the second time . The helicobactor came back and my doctor was reluctant to any more antibiotics therefore I was referred to the hospital for an endoscopy. Booked a place on line. Two days before first lock down I recalled received that it was cancelled due to COVID. My case could not be done in the community, referred back to hospital. Well I was totally disappointed not knowing what was going to happen next.I was having a bad taste in my mouth in the morning, feeling nauseated, general lethargy, flatulence, burping, distension of my abdomen and passing black stool on odd occasion. No loss of weight.

I took matters in my own hand . I am an occasional drinker, I cut down down all beers and wine containing Sulphite that was nearly all of them , started with Kefir which I drank occasionally. Eating live yoghurt, eating more vegetable meals . I do not have the same symptoms any more ,no passing of black stool , occasional burping and constipation which I can put with.

My full blood count is normal.

Still no sign of an endoscopy in sight and I still take my Omeprazole. There has been month now that I have been walking 10,000 steps every other day. I think I am 80% right . An endoscopy will confirm that things are ok no chance of that.

Helicobacter is such a sneaky plague. I'm dealing with it now for six years and when it gets bad, it is causing me anxiety attacks and weird heart palpitations, so I'm feeling with you.

But I had leaky gut syndrome and many other health issues before, so maybe it takes longer to heal in my case. Antibiotics made it worse after feeling much better for a few days. I have tried so many herbs and enzymes and supplements and diets(even went carnivore for two months, only consuming organic minced beef and still water), but the only thing I found helpful so far and can tolerate is propolis tincture.

I have a 20% solution and take 30 drops 3 times daily before my meals. Because it is rather sticky, I fill empty cellulose capsules with the propolis tincture. Artemisia annua used to help me as well, but I tend to develop allergic reactions towards most herbal remedies. I also make sure I chew every bite at least 30 up to 50 times. I know it can feel a bit weird not speaking while you eat together, but it can be very meditative, too. And chewing well relaxes the vagus nerve (;

All the best for you, get well soon!

Oh and maybe I should add as helicobacter produces histamine (which causes anxiety, headache, racing heart, insomnia and many other unpleasant things) I eat low histamine and find it very crucial to keep symptoms under control.

H pylori lowers your serotonin which increases anxiety

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