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colonoscopy prep

I have waited a year in NZ to have my colonoscopy. Followed the diet and all the instructions. Drank a small glass every 10 minutes until I had finished the 1st litre.

All of a sudden my head started throbbing and I felt really sick, then I threw up 4 times and all gone down the loo. So could not have the test. When I rang to cancel appointment, the nurse said there are many who can not tolerate the prep. So what now ???

Has anybody else had this reaction?

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Hi there I was similar last week. The nausea was unbelievable resulting in vomiting,and uncontrollably shaking after one litre

Unit wouldn't do me either and said there is another less used prep I can try picolax which I'm now petrified about


I would say hold yout nose and get it down you it wil be the colonoscopy more successful - it wasn't nice when I did but I kept telling myself it needs to be done so they can rule out more serious conditions - good luck


Yes BUT we have said we had a reaction AFTER drinking ( allergic hospital ) emergencie !

Take Care S x


Here in the UK Picolax seems to be the preparation widely used. I had no nausea with it, just needed to keep a few steps from the toilet during the process. Hopefully it will work OK for you guys.


I was given moviprep that worked for me. Just keep some baby wipes or something to help with your bottom can burn a bit later going loo like for about 2hrs solid. Good luck.


I took picolax to prepare for a barium enema years ago. Think there was a diet of some sort too but I can't remember.

Someone I worked with had had picolax and utterly terrified me about what to expect.

In the end it was pretty low key. You drink the stuff, it goes straight through you - like a dose of salts as they say and then you're done, it was all over fairly quickly for me.

It wasn't a fun session but it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Good luck.


Yes the same thing happened to me BUt they gave me an annenamie so that I coud have the flexible sigmoid and I had to have gas and air-I have promised myself when it has to be reptd I will make sure I am sedated-soooo painfull !

My cusin lives in NZ ( Dunedin ) he has bowel cancer his care in NZ is not too good.

He has a massive hurnia were his intestines have fallen through. I am sure his treatmnt here in UK would have been better....

I was OK with picolax

Best Wishes

S x


Oh so sorry to hear about your cousin. Bowel cancer is a very prevalent illness over here. My brotherinlaw passed from it to and my sister died from breast cancer at 39years

The hospital have been in touch with me again and are going to try me on another type with half the amount of liquid to be ingested.

Thanks for your email...much appreciated xxx


My mum had an op for bowel cancer over here she ended up with a massive Hernea after having op to have a stoma fitted


Your poor mum!

We dont see that here-my friend had a hurnia and then next news she had had it repaired; they use some sort of mesh.

Give her a big hug and kiss from me

Blessings S x


I have an endoscopy next month has anybody had this done? is the prep just as bad as this? I'm hoping everything will be fine and it shows something for me.


Hi Michael See if they will let you have picolax its not much to drink and its warm in the cup. you will need some vaseline tho so bum doesnt get sore and whichever you take, in the last few hours its like weeing out of bottom. NO pain tho !

You get a diet sheet with either. get something nice to read are an hobby are whatever-a film maybe.

But dont worry this time will soon pass and you will be in really-good-hands.

Be kind to yourself and think of a way to treat yourself to something nice the day after.

You can speak to me at any time and I think everyone on here will think the same.

Stay in touch with us dont be a stranger

I have had it 4 times now and the gastroscope too.


Very Best Wishes


Thanks il let you know how it goes. thanks for the advice though


I had my endoscopy done at the same time as my colonoscopy. Lucky for me, the drugs they use to make you relax for the colonoscopy completely knock me out for the entire process..great nap, no pain or uncomforableness! I'm assuming they will do the same for just an endoscopy...you shouldn't feel a thing!


Thanks sounds great I hope I'm the same


Hi Michael, how did the prep go before your colonoscopy


They have now said I can consider having prep as an inpatient as I'm petrified of trying picolax after moviprep reaction. Not sure about being on a general ward and sharing a bathroom !! What if I can't get in on time !


Hi you will be fine with picolax its much better than other stuff and you will definately have results; if it was me I would be delighted to have picolax cos i know it works and didnt make me ill. Its up to you weateher to be an inpatient but if it was me I would not like to share a toilet-are you shure there are only one toilet-when i had a ennenamie thre were 6 toilets side by side.

nothing to be affraid of HONESTLY !

Best Wishes s x


I had the same issue. They rescheduled my colonoscopy and gave me a different solution to drink. It was about half the portion of the original solution and tasted more tolerable. I get the crazy headache, sleeplessness, nausea, etc., as well. If it's available, try MoviPrep. You can mix it with lime or lemon crystal lite drink mix. Tastes like flat, salty mountain dew.


What can you eat as it says 2 days only chicken white bread soup and boiled egg is that it?


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