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typical for IBS?


hi, I am wondering if this type of BM is typical with IBS? I wake up and almost immediately use the restroom and my BM is flat but wide. Maybe an hour later I'll have another urge to go but this time its droppings of thin, short BMs. I am also postpartum but I dont necessarily think this has anything to do with it. I've tried Benefiber and it just makes me go even more than 2 to 3 times a day.. all I want to know is this typical of ibs?

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it also may be worth noting i have hashimotos diagnosed 2 years ago after the birth of my son and take 75 mcg daily for it

Yes, it sounds about right for IBS but you should always speak to your doctor about this in order to make sure it's nothing else. The first port of call would be blood tests and stools tests.

thank you for your response. I have an appointment in less than 2 weeks but im nervous. im afraid they could find something else. I psyche myself out thinking what if its a tumour or such

I'm glad you have an appointment booked but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. I used to have flat stools years ago and have thin stools a lot now. I tried to keep my BMs to 3 times a day by holding it for a long as I could. But if I took fibre it would just make me go more so I avoid fibre as much as possible. Let us know how you get on won't you.

Did your symptoms only start after having your baby?

Mommy_of_2 in reply to Suecoo66

I want to say I may have noticed it a bit 3 months before I got pregnant.. maybe hemm type symptoms? It wasn't until midpregnancy I began having all the other symptoms.

Suecoo66 in reply to Mommy_of_2

My symptoms definitely started after having a baby although maybe not immediately after. Probably best to speak to your Dr

Yes, its quite typical. I've had IBS for over 40 yrs. I prefer food to go through quickly as it causes less pain. I go to the loo at least 4 times a day. Don't try to hold it. Your gut flora may have changed with pregnancy and birth. For IBS try the low Fodmap diet, don't drink fizzy drinks or alcohol. Avoid all onion related veg (garlic, spring onions,) and highly spiced food. I, like others became lactose/dairy intolerant after the birth of my son.

would this mean to avoid coffee? I enjoy my starbucks. Yesterday I had a venti and today my stools are skinny and broken up and thin which of course has sent me down a spiral. not sure why I do this to myself.

It's possible. I can't drink coffee. Could you swap to decaf tea?

There is nothing typical about IBS. From what I’ve read on this forum anything abnormal to you could be classed as bowel dysfunction. If you are not happy that is reason enough for you to seek help. Being postpartum it could be your body trying to settle down and sort itself out but don’t just assume this. Ask your doctor. Con amore bx

Mommy_of_2 in reply to Batteria

thank you.. I have an appt. coming up

I've learned that with ibs you can have all kinds of scenarios and everyone is different. Also, it changes over the years. Mine used to be 'urgency' as you describe usually in the mornings, now I have periods of urgency along with constipation (which causes side and back pain). Had tests over the years all come back normal. Don't worry, its extremely unlikely to be anything else at your age. Makes me think though, my ibs began after my pregnancy. I'm beginning to think having children messes with your body big time.

Maureen1958 in reply to lydia52

I had IBS for about 7 years before my son was born but it got much more difficult to handle after he was born! I have often wondered if it was anything to do with the pregnancy. I had hyperemesis gravidarum (what Kate Middleton had). Also ended up with emergency caesarean. And my son has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), so it could have been trying to cope with my IBS and my son's ADHD. We didn't have any family or friends on hand to help out!

lydia52 in reply to Maureen1958

I too had severe sickness and nausea which lasted right the way through the pregnancy. I do wonder if some people (women) are just more sensitive to changes with hormones, and stress. Apparently very few men suffer from ibs.

Yes sounds like my daily routine.

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