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Has anyone tried this. Been taking it two days and doesn’t seem to help. In fact I think the pain is worse.

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I found Mebeverine took me from one extreme to the other and felt horrible on it! I do wonder if it’s a case of adjusting as you’re 2 days in, but I eventually took myself off it and focused on lifestyle changes.

I now keep it for emergencies.

I hope you find something that works for you!

Jasper21 in reply to Cinnamonan

Hi thank you for replying. I am sure the pain is worse with it and I feel so tired. I am stressed so perhaps life style changes and stop worrying!

Its an antispasmodic, think you should be taking it 3 times day.

So maybe your pain is caused by something else?

I’m currently on this, been taking for 1 month now (3 times a day before meals). I felt horrible the 1st week (cramps, bloat) but eventually work for me on the end of 2nd week!

hi the doctor put me on them aswell it worked at first them felt it didnt now I'm in peppermint capsules they help a lot with the trapped wind pain and I'm going regular to toilet .and the bloating you take 1 hour b4 food 3 times a day I only take 2 cause felt the 3 a day was making me have diarohha..hope this helps

Jd129 in reply to pink999

Hi where did you get your peppermint capsules/what type are they. Thanks

pink999 in reply to Jd129

got them off the doctor there called Apercap peppermint oil capsules

Jd129 in reply to pink999

Thanks so much, will ask to give them a try. 🙂

hope they work for you aswell 😁

I am on Mebeverine and started in January. I had three blissful months of feeling normal, then at the beginning of May everything went back to the way it was. No diet changes, so I've no idea why they seemed to stop working. GP and consultant have asked me to keep taking them, along with Fybogel. The jury is out.

Hope they work for you.

Jasper21 in reply to learning2me

Does fibre gel help with pain or just constipation. I’ve only got pain!

learning2me in reply to Jasper21

I have pain, constipation and diarrhoea. Fibogel has helped the constipation and seems to have lessened the pain. My pain comes mostly from trapped wind though. I am due to see a Dietician next Friday, if another appointment hasn't been cancelled due to lockdown.

I’m sick of the pain it is relentless. Wakes me up in night sometimes. I think it is wind.

My son took Colofac/Mebeverine for years and it had minimal effect. I buy him Colpermin (peppermint based) which he has been taking for a couple of years now and he has far less flares .......... majority of his flares now are what you might call self inflicted 😉

Hi Jasper.

I took this for 5 weeks,and I ended up coming off it, it gave me cramps and terrible gas.

I tried a over the counter med called, silicol gel, it was a game changer for me.

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