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Mebeverine - Does it work?


Hello does anyone take Mebeverine tablets to relieve their symptoms for IBS ?

How are you finding that they are relieving your symptoms do you still have flare-ups?

Any replies much appreciated thank you 😊

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Yes, the 200mg time release caps do help me, but for others the answer may be different

I can't remember thw dose but I take it 20 mins before meals 3 times a day.

I also take colpamin at the same time. After I have eaten in the evening I wait 30 mins before I do anything to try and stop the pain . It has graetly help me over the past month.

I used to take mebeverine years ago, but as time past it became inafective for me. I take buscapam and on some flare ups Alverine citrate. Depends on the person or other conditions I have a diverticuliti, Alverine helps spasms that's associated with that as well as IBS.

I found if anything Mebeverine made me feel worse - I felt sick and nauseated and it did nothing to relieve my IBS symptoms. The only thing that has worked for me has been to eat good balanced nutrition little and often and eliminate certain foods. I've been symptom free now for over 4 weeks.

Yes it's been really good for me although it took a few days before I noticed much difference.

Hi there. I’ve been taking them for years. At first I didn’t think they helped so I stopped taking them after a while...then I actually realised what they do for me. I still get flare ups but not as many as I would without them. Hope that helps x

My husband has been taking these for approx 30 years, he takes sucraflate alongside which help.

I took it many years ago and for me it made things worse. That's because it relaxed the bowel and the irritating foods stayed in the gut longer causing severe stomach ache. I find this happens with all IBS treatments. It may not affect you in the same way though.

Hi I take it but it has to be the "proper" mebeverine brand not the "colofac" which I think is the cheaper brand, hope this makes sense.

Not sure if its just a placebo effect with me but the colofac does nothing for me and I end up in a right mess.

The Mebeverine helps me alot but I guess we are all different, trial and error I think x

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Yes definitely trial and error, I agree with you on that one ! Thank you so much for your reply!

Hi there, I have used mebeverine for about 10 years, I find it really helps if taken 10-15mins before food, even just a few minutes before if you forget to take really helps.

When I have a flare up I take mebeverine before every meal to start the process of calming things down. I have found lately that even if I’m not having a flare up if I take one before breakfast every morning it keeps things calmer and I seem to be having less major flare ups than normal.

Not sure if this will help at all but I wish you all the best.

Stay safe

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Thank you so much for your reply, I find they help a lot too , I still have an occasional flare-up which I didn’t know was normal or not but after speaking to everyone it does seem to be normal!

It’s definitely reassuring to know you’ve been taking them for 10 years without any issues!

Take care - keep safe

Thank you for your replies everyone it is much appreciated!!

I used to love Mebeverine tablets, they worked so well for me. I never had any trouble with IBS after the Mebeverine tablets until about a year ago when it flared up and I ended up in hospital - I put it down to eating some GF bran flakes - as the pain came straight away after eating them and now everything seems to be a problem and I can not get it to calm down - not even with Mebeverine tablets, maybe they work better for certain types of IBS, mine is noticably different to last time

Best wishes


Oh no so sorry to hear this! I am currently taking Mebeverine tablets and they seem to be working but I still do have the occasional flare-up which I suppose is to be expected. Thank you so much for your reply I hope you are feeling better soon !!

Thank you 😁 I am so glad it helps for you, lots of people find the low fodmap diet helpful in controlling IBS x

I have had a look into that and it has been helpful , but at the moment some days my tummy will be fine eating certain foods and then other days it will hate it! It is a very slow frustrating journey but I will get there !!

I hope you find something soon that helps you too!

Take care and keep safe - thank you x

Yes I get that, bit like everything else - makes know sense 🙃

I will be doing a health my gut diet, so fingers crossed

Good luck and hope you feel well soon xx

Good luck, hope the diet works for you !!! X

😁 thank you xx

Yes I take meberine for a while now and yes they have helped


I used to take Mebeberine for my IBS but found it had very little effect so did not work in controlling my symptoms as I used to be in excruciating pain with my IBS.

I am now taking Nortriptyline and I haven’t had as many bad flare ups since I’ve been taking it (but do have them now and again).

Everyone is different though and I’ve realised that IBS is so complex and is not the same for everyone. I have found finding the right medication to control my symptoms so difficult so it has very much been a case of trial and error.

Hope this helps x

Thank you so much for your reply , I am finding that it is helping at the moment but I still do experience flare-ups which i suspected is normal.

I use mebeverine and I find them really good,I stopped eating bananas and strawberries anything with little seeds.

They do help but peppermint oil is good for easing symtoms

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