Colofac making things worse

Hi, I'm new here and wondering if you can help me. I am posting on behalf of my disabled daughter. She has coeliac disease and IBS and recently her symptoms of IBS have been getting worse. We used to give her colofac just occasionally if she seemed to be suffering, but on a recent visit the doctor advised she took it at full dose ie 3x daily for a month to see if things improved. On the second day at that dose she seemed unwell ie generally more windy and crampy. We reduced the dose to 2x day and have done that for a week but during that time her symptoms have increased, and while she used to suffer 3-4 bouts a month she is now suffering every other day. She has had no gluten contamination and in between bouts is well. I have rung my doctor for advice but can't speak with him until the end of the week. Have others suffered increased symptoms after colofac? Just wondering whether to stop it all together.

Many thanks for your help.

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  • Yes, Iwas worse on it so atopped

  • I think there is lactose in colofac.

    Ive started it take it at most 2 a day...not sure about it tho still windy etc.

  • I don't know what Colofac is supposed to do and what it's for

    Is your daughter perhaps intolerant of some food groups apart from wheat

  • HI

    Iv taken COLOFAC 3 X a day for years for Ibs D. No problems but that may not be the same for your daughter. Ask for referral to nutrionist.

    hope she soon feels better


  • Colorado is useless pet. Colpermin is very good for IBS. It's just 100% pure peppermint. In fact it's so good I saw a vet on TV give it to a chimpanzee. It cured it. It's natural ingredient and won't cause your daughter any harm. I too am disabled with IBS M.E. Fibromyalgia Gastric Reflux and Arthritis and I couldn't do without Colpermin you get it from your Dr. Let me know how u get on. Shirl.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I was wondering about colpermin so good to know you recommend it. I will give it a go. Thank you

  • Ur welcome. Let me know how u get on. God bless you always. Shirl

  • I really want to thank you for this post------ had been thinking of Colpermin myself!! God bless you

  • Ur welcome. I hope n pray u get good relief. By the way u get it on prescription in N.I. Ask ur GP for it. U get 100 in a box. I'm using it today myself n got perfect relief. God bless x

  • That should be Colofac is useless. Sorry

  • I take one a day but I am weaning myself off I take a tablet of friendly bacteria chewable each day from holland and Barrett which seems to work for me

  • Thank you

  • Hi, I have suffered from IBS for 3 years, and I've been cealiac for 1. When I stopped eating gluten and still took colofac I was always in the worst state I have ever been, as you said, outbursts and flare ups every day! I just take one 500mg of colofac now and use mebeverine to control it when it flares up! I took myself off of it and spoke to my doctor - doctor got v.angry and said that I had "no protection" then and said that I needed something to aid my bowel, and at the time I was only 15 so it was difficult to prescribe something due to my age

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