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Early Satiety


My upper stomach is bloated, fullness for 4 weeks now. Now, I can't eat a normal meal, only a few bites make me feel like my stomach will burst. Little nausea sometimes, no vomit, no pain, pooping normal, just stomach fullness, discomfort, and cramping.

This problem started after taking migraine pain killer (Tolfenamic acid) for 10 days. I didn't take any gas tablets (omeprazole) at that time with pain killer. After a few days early satiety symptoms appeared. It's been 4 weeks since I have stopped taking those pain killers. But early satiety not recovering.

Saw a doctor, he is still prescribing me Rabeprazole, Sucralfate 1000mg and Antacids. It's been 2 weeks taking those, no improvements.

Is this a gas problem caused by medication or something serious? Has anyone experienced this? And my age is 18.

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Oh heavens how uncomfortable for you. Alas, we on this site are not clinicians so it would be inappropriate to suggest what is might or might not be. Please get a phone consultation with your GP push if you feel you are being listened too. Good luck 🍀

I have had "early satiety" (feeling full after just a few bites) since I started taking omeprazole for acid reflux. Some websites say that could be either a side effect of PPIs like omeprazole (I have a little bit of constipation, also) or a symptom of GERD. So I have to eat small "meals" during the day. The early satiety is making me eat less and I have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. But I think that fullness is tapering off very slowly the longer I am on omeprazole, so has the constipation and headaches. I don't really want to keep losing too much weight.

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