Let’s talk about what works for IBS-D

Since I have joined this forum (only about 3 weeks ago), some people have read my replies to posts and kindly contacted me to suggest different things to dry to help manage IBS-D - which is just so kind (thank you). I thought it might be helpful to write a post where we can share what has worked in our experiences to ease (or even stop) the symptoms of IBS-D. So far for me..... nothing has worked :-( Over to you forum friends..... let’s look at the positives!!!! 😄 x

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  • Complete avoidance of all dairy doesn't stop the IBS, but keeps it manageable, for me.

    Also CBT counselling helped enormously.

    Interested to know what works for other?

  • Thank you :-)

    I tried CBT and didn’t get anything out of it unfortunately. I am now trying lactose free milk but not a complete dairy avoidance - just a reduction. I never notice a particular pattern of food vs symptoms! Wish I did. I know it can be hard though to pinpoint the exact contributing factors because it could be a combination of many things.

    Do you take any meds? x

  • So far I take mebeverine 3 times per day and restrict my diet (low FODMAP). I still struggle though as my IBS is anxiety and hormone related so Imodium is my best friend! Taking a daily probiotic, multivitamin and digestive enzymes. But also still looking for a miracle cure! X

  • Following FODMAP has helped dial down my IBS-D. I’ve also cut out dairy and gluten almost completely (I can tolerate very small portions occasionally). As well as FODMAP I avoid other foods I’ve learnt my body doesn’t like - lettuce, peanuts, soy... I drink less/hardly any alcohol and I do less strenuous exercise -just walking and yoga now- as opposed to going to the gym. I also don’t allow myself to overeat anymore (can only be a good thing?!) and am taking probiotics. I think the next thing I’m going to try is eating less sugar... day to day I’m generally Ok, but despite doing all of the above I still have random bouts of D - so wondering whether less sugar may help..?

    Overall though, I’ve had less flares than last year (before I realised I had IBS). However, I am also not working currently as my (lovely) husband is letting me have some time to focus on my health, so lack of stress is no doubt helping.

    Oh and I also cook all meals at home now and only eat out when I have to - practically or for a special occasion - and even then I try to stick to meat/fish and potatoes/veg etc.

  • Oh and I take vitamin D supplements as I read somewhere they could help. I doubt they are tbh, but I had my blood work at the doctor and at least my levels of D were good ☺️

  • avoiding things like garlic, cabbage and onions also sugar free items, spicy foods and fruit juice and beer all help me but its trial and error but peppermint is very helpful and imodium are good and mint tea and never avoid doing anything because you are frightened of an accident. If you have an accident so what its embarrassing but not the end of the world you get yourself cleaned up and laugh about it and get on with life. I find avoiding things makes things worse as it ruins your confidence. better to try than not.

  • That is the spirit. You sound like someone who really doesn’t allow IBS to get you down - well done :-) I find it hard sometimes to remain out and about if D strikes as it has such a big impact on what you are trying to focus on (i.e. shopping)!!! X

  • nearly everywhere you go has a bathroom so don't feel embarrassed if you need to go as cats go when they need to and so do dogs so if you need to go to the bathroom just go and excuse yourself if you are in company.

  • The hardest time is — work. Particularly in 2 hour meetings! X

  • most people are very understanding if you admit to needing the bathroom urgently as we have all had diarrhea at some point.

  • I tried the FODMAP - followed it very precisely for 6 weeks, and it made 'precisely' no difference whatsoever to my IBS D, similarly 'bulking agent' tablets. However I spend a lot of time in France and within 2-3 days of arriving all my IBS D symptoms vanish and I go down a dress size from disappearance of bloating. I am wondering if it is something in the Hampshire water? (Our water in France is untreated spring water). Chlorine or Chloramine perhaps? Any theories?

  • I live in Dorset and we have a Brita Water filter — that doesn’t help!! How interesting though Re the France thing eh?!!! The low FODMAP diet really seems to have such differing effects on people. I didn’t find it very good. This month I am doing Sober for October - which also makes no difference!!!

    And yes - the bloating!!!! :-( Horrible xx

  • thing is were all different and what causes problems for one person is fine for another. Its trial and error finding something that suits you.

  • I agree. It is a shame there isn’t a one size fits all solution! X

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