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How long did Diagnosis of ibs take

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IV been suffering with what I believe is ibs for years but yet my doctor's are prodding and poking me every which way they can.

They seemed a bit reluctant to actually say I've got IBS but all my symptoms are the same as someone who has IBS.

IV been for 3-4 endoscopy all come back clear they've helped me in for dietitians I've changed my diet and yeah I'm still having the same issues.

it's got to the point where I'm crying in pain and agony some days as I'm spending 12 hours throughout the day on and off the toilet feel constipated but have diarrhoea at the same time all of this has given me hemorrhoids as well as I have to sit on the toilet and strain a long time.

I have no social life and basically I'm shut in some days I bleed at least once a week for my back passage.

Besides buscopan and fybogel they haven't give me anything else and it's getting to the point where I just can't be bothered with it anymore and feel like I'm not being listened to.

I feel like this is never going to end and I'm never going to get a proper diagnosis how long did it take people to get there .

Thanks for listening


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If you have had a colonoscopy, stool tests, blood test then by process of elimination your GP has diagnosed IBS. If all the above has been completed suggest the following

Contact the IBS network for general and diet advise

Contact your GP again re the bleeding, straining is the worse think you can do but I understand why you have too.

When IBS is new to people it takes awhile to understand it and how your body reacts to it. Good Luck🤞

If you are getting relentless pain, you must go back to your GP and request a referral to a Gastroenterologist or GastroIntestinal specialist. Pain is a symptom of something being wrong and is like an alarm bell, it needs to be switched off and the cause of the pain put right.

It sounds like your doctor has tried to do some of the process of ruling things out. IBS diagnosis is only bgiven when they've ruled out all other possible causes as there isn't a specific test it shows up on. In my experience, some doctors are more helpful than others and you have to keep trying to get one that listens. If I were you I'd request a referral to a gastroenterologist if you aren't getting the answers you want. They have much more knowledge as it's their specialist area and tend to be more to the point about it. Doctors also have a tendency to claim that seeing a dietician will fix all symptoms for everyone like it's that easy but it can take a long time of keeping food diaries and monitoring symptoms to find what works. Bowelle is a good tracking app which will help when seeing the doctor as they'll be able to spot any correlation between certain foods and symptoms. There are also a lot of other medications you can try, I tried about 4 before I found a combination that helps me. I hope you get some help with it soon.

So sorry to hear how bad you feel. Unfortunately, it has taken me quite a while to sort out my problems with IBS C, so I can only tell you how I’ve managed to control my problems. I take one Senokot a day and find this keeps my bowels moving. Should I have no bowel movements for 2 days, I take 2 Senokot. I have also been prescribed 20mg of Amitriptyline a day together with 200 msg of Cimetidine, twice a day, as I have too much stomach acid after having my gall bladder removed. Also changed to Gluten Free bread and Decaff tea together with low fat diet. Sorry, if this sounds a lot to take but it took me over 3 years to eventually control my life instead of my bowel controlling me. There are also lots of books you can borrow from the library on IBS but please do make sure you have all the tests done first, to make sure you do have IBS. Take care and I really do hope you get your issues sorted out.

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