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Hi all,

I am just getting over a really bad couple of days of IBS-D (D started monday morning and ended yesterday afternoon, still got pain today though). The pain got so bad went to see GP on wednesday(had to call sick in work) and he sent me to A&E. Now I'm getting tested for chrons disease. Still getting pain in my stomach, my back and hips are throbing. Anyone else ever felt this battered and bruised.



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Hi Sharon3 Yes I have ibs like that with pain in my stomach, hips and back. I m just going through a bout of it at the moment. I ve been ill since last Friday. Feel so sick as well. I know just what you mean. xxx

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SHARON3 in reply to gloden

Oh gloden I really feel for you, because I'm in the same position. Hope yoyr feeling better soon. Keep your chin up and take care.

Sharon3 xx

Thanks Sharon3. It worries you when it goes on too. I keep thinking its got to be ibs but what if its something else. Thanks for your kind message. All the best to you too. Hope you better soon. Keep in touch x

I get back pain, top of my legs, are extremely bad and my stomach, the pain is so bad I get terrible sweats, as the consultant explained my heart rate is raised due to trying to cope with the pain. I've been on 200mg of morphine a day taking oxycotin and OxyNorm, I'm now being cut down weekly as the morphine is not killing the pain for me. 8 tramadol a day was the most effective. But got to be cut down from morphine first. It's been difficult. I suffer from Chronic IBS and acute constipation. I'm 32yrs and it has been hell for the last year. I've had all investigations even a camera tablet which travels through body taking 50,000 images. Because they can't find anything, they call it IBS, I know It's not going to kill me, but has been hell living for last 2 years. Over 8 admissions, tube fed klean prep due to all other laxatives not working. I had no control and many accidents due to 'over flow' as I was so constipated. Now I've been cleared out, I now can't go to the toilet where I was going around 15 times a day. I've felt very low due to pain and not being so active. I now can't plan ahead, due to not knowing how I will be. This is a massive change for me. The consultant told me I got to live with it, but not prepared to. So now going to get help on how to deal with the pain and also referred to a pain clinic. I really feel for ppl with bowel problems as it can be hell.

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Kath, you don't have to live with it.

I had chronic IBS for years and beat it. The pain is probably being caused by your nervous system cramping up different parts of your body in response to your triggers. I found that meds did nothing for that sort of pain. If so, the key is to release the tension that has built up, and calming down your body to reduce your reactions. This requires a multiple factor approach, but to give you some inspiration, have a look around my blog. This is a simple thing you can do today as a start. It may not sound much but it will set you in the right direction:

Taking time every day to gently massage any articulations and pressure points with a massage oil and essential oil of exotic basil or clary sage where it hurts could also help.

For info, I am writing a self-help guide which will be available in a couple of months.

Hope you start to feel some relief,


I also get pain in my back and hips didn't think it was a symptom of ibs

I have IBS-C but my pain often occurs after a BM. My GI doctor says it is mainly neuro-muscular (after a colonoscopy and a bunch of other tests.) I'm going to seek physical therapy again. I was pain free for a whole month until Christmas when the party foods set it off again :P

I get pain in my lower back when my diarhoea is bad.

Hi all - I'm new to this site! This latest flare up has lasted c3 months. I've always had problems with constipation and IBS (even before I knew what it was called). I had an awful year last year with several bereavements and a good friend terribly ill. I know my condition is stress related so am unsurprised it has flared up again - it's just that when it goes on for so long I start to worry it's something else and that I should go back to the doctors (I am terrified of the doctors and tests, etc). My pain, too, is often also in my back and around my left hip and pelvis - as well as in my left side. At present my poor tummy is bloated and my left side colon feels bruised and inflamed. I feel pretty miserable today hence joining this group for a bit of support and sympathy. I'm 52 - female.

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Ibsdiane in reply to angelclare

I'm just the same as you, I'm 55, and going through a painful spell just now, with backache, pain down my thighs,hips and really low down abdomen on left side, then sometimes round my waist, and awful bloating. I have to keep giving myself a shake to be logical as I start panicking I've got ovarian or bowel cancer but then I think it wouldn't come and go surely.

I'm like this everyday, waiting for colonoscopy and also appointment for hip X-ray, constant pain, no sleep. Life is hard sometimes

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lbknox04 in reply to Nanapapa6

Hello, what were your test results? Hope everything turned out ok. 

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Hip replacement in the pipeline, colonoscopy in 11 days time

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