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Pain below belly button

Does anyone get pain or pressure that feels like it is in the uterus area or below the belly button ? I have been suffering with IBS constipation for some time. I used to get IBS D all the time after eating foods but now the pain varies from feeling like someone gripping onto my insides , to light pressure and a dull ache in the area beneath my belly button. Going to the toilet sometimes relieves it and the pain/ pressure increases after eating. I presume lots of organs are in that area so its hard to distinguish . Anyone else had these symptoms ?

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Yep i get that, i also have ibs. But i also habe lots of food intolerances, wheat, gluten, potato starch, dairy. Im also waiting to see my doc about being tested for crohn's disease. Sounds like ur bowls r spasming. Id defo go see ur doc as they can prescribe anti spasmodic meds. Hope this helps x


Hi there,yes,these symptoms sound very familiar though I don't have them all the time. I have IBS-C and sometimes I feel as though my period is due which is a bit daft considering I'm 64 and have been through the menopause!!As you say, the uterus and intestines etc. are in the same general area. I take the anti-spasmodic Spasmonal which does help, sorry I can't offer any more suggestions but knowing you're not alone in this can be reassuring.

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Hi trixiebluebell, I too suffer from i.b.s d, if they have ever had my diagnosis right anyway! I suffer from pain under my belly button, across both hips, across my back and up and down my stomach and into my throat too as I also have gerd. I presume you are female, at that time of the month your i.b.s goes off the scale - I'm definite you know about that bit! Have you tried Kolanticon gel for the spasms, or an alternative antispasmodic that you can ask your chemist about. Good luck it's not very nice when your i.b.s flares!


Thanks everyone for the replies , very helpful to know other people suffer with similar symptoms. I was diagnosed in my twenties and am now in my forties. I say diagnosed but I was told by my doctor I probably had IBS and to try a low or high fibre diet ! Since then I have omitted different food for my diets and used Colofac IBS for my IBS D and sometimes Buscapan for IBS C . I also avoid gluten as although I'm not Coeliac I find my IBS D flares up after a period of time eating it.

It's just annoying that you get used to one set of symptoms then it changes : (


I to suffer from what you describe. Even today I woke with pains and a heavy feeling which I know will be agony later today. I'm on my feet all day has I own a tearooms. By the end of the day im exhausted by the bloating and pains. Doesn't matter wot I eat each day is different. I feel for you and your not alone.



It's a crappy condition that we just have to try and manage from day to day : (


Us ladies are not designed very well as all our bits are close together-the symptoms you describe are exactly the same as mine 20 years ago-went down the Gastro line-then GP sent me to a Gyna because my periods were very heavy too- result endometriosis a tidy up op relieves the heaviness


Thanks Linley

I've have been checked for endometriosis a few years ago but it was clear. I seem to be getting pain during ovulation most and that feels like it's definitely in my uterus. it's not one sided though which I've had in the past.


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