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Losing weight on fodmap


Is it Normal to lose weight on the fod map diet. I used to eat a sharing back of milk chocolate a day at least 5 days a week which I am now not since been on low fodmap. I had a very bad flare up in feb and lost around 12 pounds due to the flare and then my lose of appetite and reluc9to eat out of fear. But since then I maintained at 8.10 until I began the low fod map and now I'm between 8.3 and 8.4 stone. I have had my letter about where I would like to see a dietitian so now waiting for an appointment.

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Were you slightly overweight before starting the diet? Do you do much exercise? Do you suffer with IBSd or IBSc? Answers to these questions may help your dietician to see what and where to go.

Daisy2191 in reply to FRreedman

Thanks I'll make sure I have it written down when I go so I dknt forget.

Hi, yes it is normal because you are cutting out certain sugars. I lost 11lbs when I followed the diet strictly for 6 months but it helped massively with my symptoms.

Hi Daisy2191

Leading on from FRreedman good advice, might I suggest you work out your present bmi, might just be that you are now a better weight?

Here's a link to the NHS calculator nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-we...

A score below 25 is considered a healthy weight but if you are 18.5 or below that is thought to be under weight.

Yes this is totally normal. Download an App called MyFitnessPal and count the calories you have in a day. When I do low FodMap I normally only manage 1500 calories in a day (I am a man). A lot of calories are made up from snacks. However, most snacks are high Fodmap in nature so these are removed from you diet. You can add low FodMap calories by adding lots of Almonds, pecans and Almond Butter to porridge. Also if you can tolerate dairy than you can have lots of milk/cheese if lactose is not an issue.

My BMI was 22.5 which was healthy now I'm at 19 so still classed as healthy. But this year in Jan I was 9st 6. Went down to 8.10 after a really bad flare up through feb and March. Maintained that until I started this diet and now I'm down to 8st3. Feel like I'm wasting away. None of my clothes fit and I have no energy. I'm irritable, uninterested and down all the time. Hopefully I get an appointment with the dietitian soon and get my appointment for the hydrogen breath test for sibo as well. Might at least feel like things are progessing.


Hi, we suggest speaking to your GP and working with a dietitian to manage your weight loss and IBS.

Hi Daisy, yes, the same happened to me. You may need to increase your meal sizes so you really fill up with each meal, especially getting a big breakfast.

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