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FODMAP diet and weight loss

I've recently been diagnose with IBS and have started the FODMAP diet as well as taking tablets three times daily, I am a very large weight for my age and I want to lose weight, do you think this will make me lose weight? I would usually snack on fatty foods but do not any more as I become sick from eating them, I eat half what I use to, will I notice a change?

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I lost weight on fodmaps without trying (or wanting to) because the diet is so restrictive. You should take good notes because in combination with the foods you are eliminating, the amount you eat could affect your ibs. Also fodmaps forces you to make much of your own food, which is probably good for weight loss, as well as IBS because you can avoid additives, preservatives, etc. Good luck with the diet!

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You might automatically lose some weight as I think IBS bloats you if your body is not using the foods properly.

If you think you might be lactose/dairy intolerant then check the ingredients of the tablets as these might contain lactose - even ibuprofen contains lactose

Keep a food and bowel movement diary with times of the day relating to both so that you can see if there is any improvement


The amount of lactose in tablets such as ibuprofen is miniscule. Lactose intolerance is not an allergy, so you don't need to eliminate it from your diet. You will be able to tolerate small amounts.


borborigmus - After my diagnosis 2 years ago I suspected that I was dairy intolerant and within 2 weeks of keeping to a completely dairy-free diet my diarrhorea symptoms were under control and have been ever since except when I had 1/2 a hard boiled egg - I also avoid cabbage and it's relations to avoid wind

What suits one person does not suit another but a completely dairy-free diet suits me


The low FODMAP diet will not necessarily cause you to lose weight, but reducing your fat intake will. Moreover fat may well stimulate your sensitive gut as much as FODMAPs.


I have been doing the Fodmap diet and have lost weight I think this is because I have reduced the amount of high fat and sugar snacks I have been having


If your calorie intake is less that it was you will lose weight however the speed of this weight loss is important - rapid weight loss is not advisable. If you are overweight a good rate of weight loss is 1Kg per week, discuss this with your dietitian. The Low FODMAP diet is not a guarantee of weight loss however as many alternative products are higher in fats and sugar and direct replacement can in some cases increase calorie intake. Your dietitian should be able to give you some advice - they usually give you their contact details - so give them a call!


I have gained wait from doing the Fodd map diet. Has any one else?


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