At my wits end

Hi recently joined I've been having problems since January when I had a big life change. I've lost quite abit of weight everyone comments. Since I've had constipation often going 5days or more without relief. Bloating is one of my biggest issues even once I've had toliet relief my stomach is huge and uncomfortable. Abdominal pain has now followed and exhaustion I'm constantly tired and don't want to get out of bed. My mood has gone extremely low and this is only in the past few months these symptoms have appeared before was just weight loss/bloating & constipation. My doctors are absolutely useless just sent me for bloods which are clear and basically to them "you look absolutely fine" I've now been diagnosed with Ibs and been given some sheet print offs from the internet.

I've been given no support no meds to help ease my pains or even some herbal help. Im just at my wits end I'm only 22 have 2 children. I've found this forum more helpful than my doctors all year!

My periods always began to stop and have now returned but I had some spotting. I've recently had to book an appointment as I appear to have Versicolor all over my back which is a overproduction of yeast apparently causes blotchy white patches. Do you think all my issues are related is it all just Ibs? how do I get control back of my life. Please help :(

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  • Poor you. Here’s one thing I did which made a massive difference — change GP practices!! I have a new practice now and both GPs I have seen have been brilliant. They haven’t helped as such but have referred me to gastroenterology and have done lots of their own tests. If anything its helpful to know they are trying different things and being supportive. Is this something you could do maybe to start with? X

  • Hi thankyou I think its definitely worth trying a new gp. I know dairy is an issue and garlic and onion everyone has said is best to cut aswell. Is it worth doing Gluten? X

  • It is really hard to say with gluten. Some people find it great - I personally found no difference :-( I tried it for 1 month. It is always worth trialling one thing at a time anyway. Then you know what works (or doesn’t!). Nothing has worked for me :-( Bloody thing!!!! X

  • Yeah I'm going to just stick with foodmap for now go back to basics. I'm in a flare up atm just constantly bloated no matter what can't wait for it to be over :( hope your find some relief soon! X

  • You too. Wish it was possible to have a bowel transplant. Lol x

  • How were you diagnosed with IBS? Have you had a camera test?

  • They did a blood test and a stool sample to test for Ibd chrons said I scored low 18 out of 300 so their answer is ibs.

  • I see you have been diagnosed by just having bloods taken, have you had a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy or both? If not, then you need those as well to rule out other conditions. Agree with Jenll555 re changing your GP.

    I hope you feel better very soon.


  • No none of that just the blood and stool sample. Im in the process of changing now so will discuss these two procedures with my new gp :) thankyou

  • So glad you are changing doctors, I can't believe the way that some of them are. I am lucky with mine as he referred me to the hospital last year and I had another Colonoscopy as my IBS was getting worse but everything was clear luckily.

    Very best of luck to you and don't let the medical profession beat you :) x

  • Its so frustrating I've been following these forums now and seen some have so much help and advice and I've been told nothing!

    Glad was all clear :) hopefully I get the same. Thankyou for youe advice

  • It is very frustrating and I see a quite a few have help with dieticians - I was referred a few years ago to a dietician for the Low FODMAP diet, I was told to wait for 6 months whilst the dietician was trained on FODMAPs and when I rang 7 months later I was told the funding had been removed, no-one bothered to contact me to let me know this!!

    Thank you and I was pleased it was clear as well and I'm sure you will be exactly the same.

    Hope you start to feel better.

    :) x

  • My doctor did say if I'm still struggling can be referred to a dietician but I imagine the nhs waiting list is 10years long. So bad how they didn't even let you know! Seems we just have to talk amongst ourselves & research to get somewhere.

    Thankyou and you wishing some good health for us all x

  • I'd accept the offer of a dietician because they are the people that know what to do, I've had to try and work out for myself and am still doing that. You are right in that we have to research ourselves but problem is there is so much information on the internet it can get confusing.

    Agree, good health to all x

  • As you mention a big life change leading to constipation, I would recommend looking at this article:

    Hope this gives you some relief,


  • Brilliant thankyou so much will definitely be giving these a go :) much cheaper to than some of the probiotics etc on the market

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