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At my wits end


Hi all after 10 years of suffering I was diagnosed,with M E and Ibs it feels as though I have no room full at top of waist(like when you are 9mths pregnant) obviously only those that have been 9mths pregnant will understand this !my stomach grumbles and I get pain it has got worse the last couple of months I have taken probiotics afflorex and Symprove gave up Diary two months ago all to no avail.

I also have had the most intense pain around my waist like im been strangled I feel blocked above /around my sternum and pain on the left side

Also have depression and VERY VERY tired all the time !!!! NO ENERGY

New one on me went to the doctor today not expecting any notice of my distress and pain to be taken but now been tested for H PYLORIA any comments similar experience

Much appreciated


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Sorry to hear. i have ME too so I understand the no energy thing. i have good and bad times but always wake up tired but that is the joy of ME :/ that will never change for me. i have struggled with mu IBS, or at least that is what they are saying it is. it is a case of finding a few safe foods so you know that at least with those you will feel ok. and find you trigger food as it could be something which is added to food. for example spices, well they are even in tomato soup! i would have never have thought it but it is so it could be a case of something like that

What is H Plyoria?


Hi hidden away apparently it's a stomach bug that's in us from childhood some people that have it show no symptoms ! The interesting thing if I do have it it's linked to tiredness so for us with ME this would be a blessing as can be treated with antibiotics, also another symptom I have is sinus problems this also goes with Halicobacteria pylori !

Not sure if I have it yet stool test on Monday! Keep you posted

Would be interested anyone else on here could tell me anymore?

I feel for you as I know just how dreadful the ME thing is have a good Christmas☃☃


Yes sounds like you have Dysbiosis, ask your doctor for a test, the bad bacteria lives on carbs so cut out all carbs for a week and see if you are any better.

It requires TREATMENT

in reply to denvajade

Hi I was just reading through a post from ten months ago . I have only just seen your reply and noticed you put aboutDysbiosis , well another ten months later with numerous drs all saying I bs , now given antibiotics, just want the daily pain to go 😗

Give up carbs as the bad bacteria live on them. No milk but cream in coffee. Garlic tablets. Good probiotic too. Wishing you well.

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