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First time anxiety - any advice?


Hello all I have finally arranged my first colonoscopy and gastroscope on Monday. I’m a bit scared of the anesthesia even if it isn’t full, it’s still my first time. I think taking this step I will finally know what is happening with me and the pain that I have every time I eat.

If you have done any of these exams please let me know any advice.

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Hi, I was exactly the same as you and many times my anxiety got the better of me and I cancelled the procedures! In all honesty it was nothing like I thought it would be, it want painful it was a little uncomfortable but the anaesthesia helped calm me, it also made me forget most. Please try not to worry it really wasn’t as bad as I had built up x

Hi Stephanie it's only natural to be anxious but you should't be able to feel anything. I've had both tests 5 times and I was out cold, I didn't remember a thing.

I had a colonoscopy this year - he also explored further up - and the anaesthetic knocked me out, like AmandaJW . It doesn't with everyone - and I'd planned to watch it on the screen - but it did me! I remember being wheeled in and having a few words with the doctor, next thing, waking up in the ward and, after an hour or so, being allowed to go home. They've probably told you that you must have someone pick you up and take you home - there's a reason. I thought I was okay but my friend said I was definitely a bit dozy and not quite all there! I think the worst thing about it is the prep - the 'emptying' - beforehand. It's not something to worry about but it's just horrible but I'm guessing you already realised it would be gross! It's important to have the colonscopy - I actually asked for one because no one could come up with an explanation for my issues, at the time. A gastroscopy had revealed nothing but no one had checked the colon and lower large intestine. I needed to rule out the worst scenario in my head. They found absolutely nothing and it was an incredible belief to have that confirmed. Good luck - remember, you can have a day's rest afterwards so plan to have some sofa time with Netflix or just some TV, a blanket etc

Thank you sheeniejay im having the exams for the same reasons this has been going on for way too long and I need to know what is happening so I can fix whatever it is. My Netflix is ready and going with my blanket and my dogs!!

Hello, I was very very scared my first time and did explain to them how I felt. The sedation coupled with pain killing pethidine was excellent and I was hardly aware of anything. I've since had about five colonoscopies and it has been fine. Hope it goes well.

Hi, I have had 4 colonoscopy's including a virtual colonoscopy. They put you under anesthesia..through a small IV..then they just put a small plastic container over your nose and taking you to breathe to the count of five, but before that, I was out. However, the first colonoscopy, I got sick afterward from the anesthesia, so I would ask for anti-neasea medication and the anesthesiologist will give you medication if you happen to get sick from the anesthesia. Otherwise, you don't feel a thing. The worst part is the actual prep..but instead of the huge jug of GoLytely, PEG, or Miralax, I asked for Supprep Bowel Kit. Much easier. Just two very small 6oz bottles you drink..then you get a cup given with the kit, and you just fill it with the liquid (it tastes like lemon-lime)..and then with a small amount of water to the marked "fill line". It's really easy and convenient. I had no cramping, you can chill the bottles beforehand..I only needed one bottle and it was over and done with in under an hour. Insurance does pay for it.

Oh boy, do I know what you are going through. However, it was NOTHING to be worried about. Some people are able to stay awake for the procedure but I slept like a baby, or at least I think I did, and it was over! In my opinion, the very worst part of getting the innerds checked out is the prep before hand. Ugh. I'm talking worst headache of my life. Perhaps that's why I dozed off immediately and don't remember a thing. That anesthesia calmed my headache like a miracle. Good luck! Get yourself a big ol' meal afterward :)

I would like to thank everyone for your replies. I’ve done it and everything went ok thank you for the support !

Hi Stephanie

I was nervous too and I didn’t know anyone that had both done. I chose to have the anaesthesia and I don’t really remember a thing and I don’t remember feeling any pain and felt like it was over quick. Personally took me that day and two day after that to recover from drowsiness and I really lost my appetite. But after that I was back to normal. Good luck you will be fine. X

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