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I have been suffering chronic bowel and left side hip pain for a long time. My GP just says it’s IBS. I know it’s more than that and I am in agony all night with pain, nothing helps. I am distraught! I have looked into SIBO over many years and feel that now my symptoms are chronic. I have had coniscopies etc but my gp is reluctant to refer elsewhere. But I need help!!! I have a leaflet about a breath test on nhs at my local hospital but I doubt my gp will agree with this!!! I have been asking for help with hypothyroidism for many years and they are all tired of me, they just don’t believe me any more. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated please.

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If you can afford it I would get the breath test done privately, I did mine at home the kit was sent to me and just followed instructions, this is the nutritionist that I used and this is the company she uses to do the two tests

I also had a Comprehensive Stool test.

I wish you well and hope you get sorted very soon.

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