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Diarrhoea and pork?

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Recently my IBS has mainly caused a tendency to constipation but yesterday we went out for a carvery and I ate quite a lot of pork and this morning had the worst diarhoea I`ve had for ages. I had to take 5 loperamide to enable me to travel! I have had a bit of an upset stomach after eating pork in the past but nothing this bad (no-one else was affected so I don`t think there was anything wrong with it).

Oddly enough I am not affected by ham or bacon

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I am same as you I go funny with pork but ok with ham think it depends on the salt content

Ditto! I have been ill on pork 3 times, felt very ill when it was under cooked, that was probably why you were so ill. I do not eat it anymore or sausages but like you can eat bacon & ham. Could be because they are cured, cured of what I don't know!

There is so much food chose out there so not eating pork is no big deal

If it was cured pork it’s the nitrates they cause me to have diarrhea bad with my IBS. When in the store I by uncured meats only. Just a thought as to why the pork does this. They are coming out with a lot of uncured meats now cured with natural celery salt. So much better for you.

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