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Does anybody know what they look for in Colonoscopy biopsies? I had mine over a couple of weeks ago and the examination came back normal.. They took 6 biopsies as I’ve had constant diarrhoea going on for over 4 months now from food poisoning. They gave me antibiotics after 7 weeks of diarrhoea. (Likely the damage had been done by then) Symptoms went and came back unfortunately! Gastro specialist advised if results from colonoscopy come back normal to have a SeHCHAT scan. Really hope I get a diagnosis so it can be treated.

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I think they look for cancer, mostly..

They are looking for polyps to test for cancer. IBS can follow severe food poisoning and is called post infectious IBS. That is what I have. It was caused by a terrible E coli infection.

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Sounds likely I have post infectious IBS too... Does it eventually go away?

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It is sort of supposed to go away after 5-8 years. Mine has not gone away, although it may have gotten a little better. It is hard to tell because you forget the details of how it was, say, 5 years ago. My sense is that there has been some improvement. I don't think I have as many near misses, although that could also be because I know every bathroom within a 50 mile radius, plus the FODMAP DIET.

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