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Recently diagnosed with Ibs


Hey everyone,

I previously wrote a post about my health anxiety and many people told me to go back to the gp with my symptoms. I went back and spoke to the doctor and although I haven’t had anything like a colonoscopy, she diagnosed me with IBS. I’m now currently on mebevrine to help with the flatulence etc and I’ve made a switch to whole grains instead of refined and to non dairy milk instead of cows milk as well as taking a multivitamin. Is there anything else anyone can recommend to help?


Mostly constipation


Mucus from bottom

Excess rumbling

Occasional cramps

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Try peppermint pills.

I made this mistake years ago : I made a switch to whole grains ...I got so much more ill. Eating whole grains ....that is in your condition even worse than refined grains. The whole grain theory is outdated. We’ve been brainwashed for decades by Cereal Companies’ marketing to eat grain. (Best is to totally stay away from grains). If you read books written by those few doctors in the UK who are highly specialised in IBS : they all say to stay away from whole grains as they will upset your stomach/intestines even more. It will increase your flatulence. If you want fiber ... it’s best to eat vegetables for that purpose.

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