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I have had IBS for years and it has been really bad. Now I have realised how bad certain foods can be especially anything with fats such as cheese,cream and anything cooked in fat or deep fried, I was always o.k. with milk or anything very very low fat.so I sort help from a health food shop who suggested enzymes which help to absorb the fats rather than getting rid of them too quickly,these worked very well but the proteins still upset me badly so I went back and they gave me an enzyme thats covers fats, carbohydrates and Proteins.I take two tablets after every meal and my life has changed beyond belief.I have just come back from America and was able to eat out everyday where as I was never able to go out after a meal or would be taking codeine phosphate just to get out of the door.Please give these a try .

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  • Hi thats great news! What kid of IBS do you have, and in what way did the enzymes help? And what are they called? It would be interesting to know! :)

  • chronic cramps, diarrhoea,straight after eating, stress can bring it on but the fear of it starting is a stress in it's self. I also get nausea and sometimes sickness if I feel it coming on.I have been reliant on Codeine phosphate from my Doctor and also been on antidepressants for years to try to ease the stress this and the menopause have caused.I can say now that I am off the antidepressants and life is a lot better for me and my family.The tablets I take are Multi digestive enzymes with Betaine HCL and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.They are from H and B and you can probably get them online as well. I have initialed this company as I am not sure if I am able to mention them by name.They are one of the biggest in the country . I had not had regular bowel movement since I was a child and now I have.I still do not push my luck and make sure I stick to as much low fats and proteins as I can but at least now I can eat something.I do not know how I can be overweight when everything I eat goes straight through.I look back on my childhood and remember endless really bad stomachs where my Mother would call the Doctor thinking I had an appendicitis,It was caused by lots of fats but also stress from school.About 20 years ago I could not go in a shop or go out on a bus or plane for fear of needing the toilet, I overcame the shopping by adding up my shopping as I went and taking codeine phosphate very sparingly, as my confidence grew the symptoms would become less and now I can go to places where there are no toilets and not fall apart. Unfortunately it only takes one bad experience to put you back where you started, so there is no total cure.I really hope these work for you but still be careful not to overdo rich, spicy and try to avoid high fat foods if you can.As another respondent says it will not work for everyone but it is worth a try.Good luck

  • I'm so glad your feeling better! And the fact you can eat more foods now and go out without fear is SO great! im really pleased for you..i assume you mean holland and barrett? I dont see why the name couldnt be mentioned, but i guess my comment will be pulled if you cant! thanks :)

  • I have tried this but didn't work for me. That's the trouble with it, everyone is different. Always glad to hear a success. Got luck to you and thanks for sharing.

  • This post has given me hope. Although I am always wary about trying things unless it makes matters worse.

  • I was willing to try anything and was so fed up of feeling awful on all the pills that made me feel hungover.The enzymes do not affect me at all but it may affect other people.Codeine phosphate is addictive and does make you sleepy so I would only take them if I had a long journey on Buses or Planes as it helped with the fear and relaxation, but even then only two a day on the day I travelled not everyday. but it was a step on the way to being able to cope.This was only ever under a Doctor's prescription.I still keep them as I know I can still be only one step away from going back to what I was going through.I am 63 now and cannot believe I have had all these years of really not knowing what was wrong.It's weird but I don't remember having this in my teenage years perhaps my mind was occupied elsewhere and I did not eat much.

  • Doghouse2, I am now 61 and have been suffering for about the last 30 years. It seemed to start in earnest after I had my son, but, also having endometriosis, I put any problems down to that, so I may have had IBS longer. Who knows? I can identify with all your symptoms and I always worry when traveling in case there is no toilet available. I also find that stress makes matters worse. I have a doctor's appointment this morning and I have already visited the toilet several times. It almost feels liked a learnt reaction to certain situations I can't control it. So frustrating!

  • Enzymes have changed my life too! 100% symptom free for over 5 months now after 15 years of extremely bad ibsd. I want to shout it from the mountain tops about how amazing these are!! So glad they helped you too

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