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Living with IBS

It have been struggling to cope with the debilitating symptoms of IBS for as long as I can remember!..fatigue, stomach cramps, diarrohea and back aches a few of the everyday symptoms I endure on a daily basis.

I have a very stressful and demanding job which I know does not help but I have to just try and get through each day as best I can. My GP has given me meds to try and help control it but sometimes these are ineffective.

I have heard that probiotics are helpful has anyone got any suggestions?

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Hi Jilly 20 ,I have intermittent IBS of D and C had all the tests and med from GP and over the counter and sorry to say nothing really works .So I went on Line and bought some High Fiber Lepicol plus+ , firstly I bought Lepicl in the green pot but that didn't really help much , so I email them they were very kind and helpful that's when they recommend the Lepicol plus+ ,I told them I had IBS C and D that's when they explained it works for both C and D I thought "Maby"?  But like you all I was desperate so I would give it a try . I have been taking it for about 3moths now I still have good and bad days but mostly "Good"  no messing around 1teaspoon in a glass of water then have another glass of water wait 10mins befor you eat anything  I do this every morning,why not give it a try it's not really expensive about £12 for 180g if you want anymore Information let me know .Sunnycot


Hi Sunnycot,

Thank you for the advice I will give it a try! I have just started taking a Gel called Enterosgel and the last few days I have felt better. It's difficult to know what to do for the best.




I had a very demanding job which I left because my ibs was out of control the stress and anxiety and sickness I brought to my body was horrible. I take lots of probiotics. Kombucha. Vegan kefir and enzymes. Along with a gluten free dairy free and sugar free diet. Really turned things around. It's an expensive lifestyle but much better than what I had before (stuffing anything I can find during my 10 minute lunch break at my desk) 

Let me know if you have any more questions 



I take a multivitamin /probotic, but whether it helps, you could try. 


Hi jilly20

I also had a very stressful job (in accountancy) and struggled with IBS almost daily from age 20, until I had to give up at age 50, when stress became too much. 

There is no doubt a link between stress and IBS .  In order to survive in a stressful job you have to find ways to cope and medications to get you through the bad days. 

If you wish to try probiotics , I would suggest CP1 capsules.   Google -The GUTDOCTOR.com , or @[].     There is information on a variety of products.

I am 69 now and still have IBS but no where near as bad, as when I worked and had to manage a large team , travel , attend meetings and meet deadlines etc.  

I used to cope with doses of things to stop D and even tried Valium for a time.  

After retiring , I became depressed and eventually accepted that I needed both antidepressants and something, I think from memory , was called Cognitive Therapy.

These things all helped but I often wonder, when I read posts etc., like yours, what I could have done differently to have coped and continued to survive at work.    The answer is not clear because it is not possible to avoid the stress , unless maybe a backwards step work wise, however, unless you can somehow learn to cope with it better ,IBS attacks just get worse.    I am not saying you cannot cope , I am saying that dealing with the stress can bring on the attacks of IBS .  IBS then causes more stress and it becomes a vicious circle. 

I know that this is not what you probably want to hear but believe me --you really do not want to get full blown stress and anxiety , or depression--that finishes you at work for ages, if not forever.   It is not just the work stress , it is the stress of also coping with IBS that eventually becomes too stressful . 

Personally , I think looking back,  that cognitive therapy  , if that is the correct terminology , was extremely helpful and had I gone down that route much earlier, it might really helped.    Without going into detail , this therapy system teaches you how to look at things in a different way.  It is not just talking about your problems you actually have to participate in learning to view things in a different and better way.

Meantime you need something to get through the difficult days --my advice would be Imodium and try Silicolgel.  

Hope this is useful to you and you find a way to suit.



I tried 2 bottles of Silicol as first one did nothing. At present im taking Imodium after first initial dose of 2 capsules i have taken another 3 as had the D again just now waiting to see how many more i need or is the last one the last one..im hoping it is.

Between them two meds the Imodium i would say is the better one to try.


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