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IBS: Starting a journey to win back my life.

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I've had IBS since I was 16 and since then my symptoms have varied so much. I started off with crippling stomach pains which prevented me from standing up or walking or even lying in bed in particular positions. I also suffered from extreme bloating and constipation. Now for the last year my symptoms have changed. I now rarely get extreme stomach pain but instead loads of wind and bloating. I have had an endoscopy done which showed gastritis. I also now suffer with diarrhoea. Tonight I have felt fine until eating some flapjack which has caused my whole upper stomach to go into agony, bubbles in stomach, wind.

Tomorrow I will be delivered some Symprove and I am about to start on the Symprove 12 week challenge. I will update you all and let you know how it goes.

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I wish you well with the Symprove challenge, and that that helps you to feel better. It's great that you are trying different approaches. Personally I needed a different approach, but I have fully recovered from chronic IBS - so it is possible.


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What did you do to recover from ibs? What foods would you recommend? I’m struggling at the moment but symprove is too expensive for me to try.


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I found that finding and addressing the emotional side of IBS was a large part of the equation. You may find some of the articles on my website useful to you: SickofIBS.com (I'm a chocoholic too!)

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Yes I think you’re right about the emotional side. If I have to go to work or out for a while I worry I won’t make it to a toilet, then the churning stomach is made much worse and so the ibs symptoms increase. I will take a look at your website. Thank you. X

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I think more resources need to be given to the cognitive side of IBS. Like You, I have addressed this and with.the use of silicolgel too, I now eat out, go to theatres, cinema, don't dread eating at friends and all because I now don't feel the constant worry of needing a toilet having broken the mental circle of anxiety that surrounded such situations. I still use silicolgel before going out to eat or flying and other travelling. Have got my life back with bells on!

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That's fantastic! Just out of interest why do you use silicolgel?

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Hi there. I get anxious which triggers churning stomach, wind and diarrhoea. Fear of flying also triggers it. Eating out. Meetings. Commuting. Basically anywhere I felt anxious and them fear of not being near or getting to a toilet exacerbated symptoms. Can't tell you how miserable I've felt in the past. And embarrassing situations. Silicolgel helped settle my symptoms and give me the confidence that I could control my symptoms whilst I rationalized also the situations I had found myself etc. I use it now as an insurance policy and mentally as long as I have taken it when i feel I'm going into a situation that would otherwise trigger my symptoms, I seem to be fine. It's really turned myself around and helped relax and enjoy life more. Have been using it since 2014 approx.

Best of luck with symprove. I haven’t tried it as it is quite expensive. I also want to win back my life though. Let us know how you get on.

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If you want the free treatment there is an opportunity to take part in the IBS clinical research and get treatment free. contactme-ibs.co.uk

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I’ll take a look, thanks for the link.

Hope you have complete success and all goes well . God bless .

Have you tried ENTEROSGEL? All our IBS patients swear it helps them , and it is drug free.

youtube.com/watch?v=Rhvsi0U... check this out

Hi i’ve been having something like this for almost a month. not sure if it’s ibs but i have constipated diarrhea and bloating to the point that my abdominal muscle feels like a rock. any idea what this is? depression maybe? have had depressing thoughts

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