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Severe constipation in toddler

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Hi sorry prob been posted a lot but I was wondering if anyone had any advice- my 2 year old suffers from severe constipation (we are currently at day 7 with no bowel movement) this is a regular thing and can be over 10 days before anything happens. Been to the dr several times and have been given laxatives and suppositories- these don’t seem to do anything to help and we’ve eventually been referred- middle of November before we are being seen. In the meantime does anyone know anything else I could try? He has a very good diet, drinks lots of water and we are still taking the laxitives on a daily basis- dr won’t give me anything else but he’s crying every half hour trying to do the toilet and won’t eat properly anymore which is obviously making it worse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Can you define "very good diet" and "lots of water"?

Stop the laxatives. Does he eat fruit? If so, cut right down or stop (unless it's avocado). Cereal? Stop. Bread? Stop.

What kind of and how much fat does he eat? Try coconut oil. He might not like celery but try coconut oil on celery.

I've lost count of the number of people who couldn't understand why they were constipated even though they were gorging on fruit. They stopped eating fruit and ate fat. Within hours, no more constipation.

Hello? :)

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