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Upset tummy


I was a pescatarian and went Vegan only a couple of weeks ago to try and improve my health as someone on this forum said they felt so much better.

Sunday and Monday evening I felt quite poorly, particularly yesterday evening as I had intense nausea, I thought I was going to throw up, and awful diorrhea, I am normally constipated. I think I may have found the culprits, my homemade Vegan cheese and nut milk. Gut Healing Soup was on tonight's menu.

I don't want to give up being a Vegan but it's not liking my tummy at all. 🙁

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I have up dairy 3 months ago, I feel so well, no pain no diarrhea, and best of all no heartburn!!!

Lizzie49 in reply to Lizzie49


What milk do you use please i.e. nut/oat milk?

Thank you

Oat milk, best in hot drinks,tea,coffee.

Instead of butter I use Flora non dairy

Thank you Lizzie

JohnS63 in reply to Lizzie49

I've given up cows milk but as a substitute, have tried the Lactose Free milks that contain Lactase.

I'm not sure if they are agreeing with me.

Have you tried them before?


Lizzie49 in reply to JohnS63

No haven't tried those

JohnS63 in reply to Lizzie49

If you do decide to give them a go, I'd be interested in how you get on.

xOceanx in reply to JohnS63

Lactose free milk is just cow milk.

If lactose free milk is still a problem for you, you may be intolerant to cows milk which is different from lacking lactase enzymes.

JohnS63 in reply to xOceanx

Right, thanks for pointing that out.

That could well be my issue, as in, even though the Lactose free milk should be ok if I'm lacking the Lactase enzyme, it may that be that I have an issue with cows milk. Hadn't thought of that.

Is there a test for cows milk intolerance? I've heard of hydrogen tests?


xOceanx in reply to JohnS63

Lactose is just a sugar in milk.

Lactase enzymes digest lactose.

I prefer the name lactase enzyme deficiency, instead of lactose intolerance.

Being low on a certain digestive enzyme is totally different to being intolerant to a certain food etc.

Anyone can be intolerant to any food.

Cow products are normally what intolerance tester find most are intolerant to.

One could be intolerant to cows cheese, cows butter and cows milk.

Or they may only be intolerant to 1 or 2 of them.

While on the subject of cow milk, note that one may not be intolerant to cows milk but may have a problem with the a1 protein in certain cows milk, so they would need to buy a2 milk from a supermarket.

I personally don't think cow products are that healthy

Plus i tested intolerant to cows milk and cow cheese, so i use goats butter, goats milk and goats cheese.

I will send you a link for intolerance tests that are done by qualified practitioners.

JohnS63 in reply to xOceanx

Thank you for your great reply. That definitely helps. Looks like I'm quite ignorant of cows milk and the issues you may get with it.

I did have intolerance tests done (I think they were IG5 ones) and I was found to have an intolerance to cows milk but i then later discounted them, as the general opinion was that they were not scientifically sound.

I did initially switch to goats milk but then wasn't sure about that milk too after some odd reactions.

I've recently don't the low FODMAP diet for the initial exclusion phase and as a initial food group to re-introduce, I chose milk. Things did seem good for a few days but then I had issues.

I'm now reverting back to almond milk, will let things settle and then try cows milk but not gently and more controlled.

crazyfitness in reply to JohnS63

Yes I've tried the Lactose free and was fine with them, not sure if it's because I've gone Vegan. I do think it may be the home made cheese and nut milk but I'm not 100% sure. I hate thus condition, it's such a guessing game and can make you feel so poorly🙁

JohnS63 in reply to crazyfitness

That's interesting. I'm not totally sure that the Lactose free is ok or not as I was trying other foods too.

Very much agree with you about this condition. I started taking foods out about 4 years ago and that was just wheat but still got occasional flare ups that I couldn't explain.

I'm in the re-introduction phase of a low FODMAP diet I've been following with some success...until trying cows milk...well I think that was the cause.

I'm reverting back to almond milk for a short time then will try cows milk again and maybe even see if I could have a Lactose intolerance test at the docs.

Yes, is a pain for sure.

Thank you for your advice.


crazyfitness in reply to JohnS63

It certainly is a case of eliminating foods/liquids. I don't think I can tolerate nut milks but I love oat milk and have made my own with some success, I need to try a couple different ways of making it i.e. more oats. I tried commercial Oat Milk last week and love it.

Re food, I've made a gut healing soup and I can vouch that it works as I've eaten it twice now when my tummy has been bad and I've felt so much better.😀

All the best with the elimination.


Thank you for that. Not quite as simple as I thought... looks like I'm just scratching the surface it seems.

Thank you for your sentiments. There were cashews in the homemade cheese so I think they may have been a problem but it could have been just the different ingredients used. I'm so much better now though.😀

Yes I do. I did use coconut oil, garlic powder and nutritional yeast in the cheese but I have been eating those foods for a while now, I think it may be that combining them together that was the problem. I kept a diet sheet for a Dietician earlier this year and felt much better, I think maybe I ought to reduce the quantities of vegetables I eat as well say one carrot instead of 2 etc.

Oh my, I would never have believed that.

Yes please, I would love the links as I would find that really interesting and it would be so good to finally be free of all of this rubbish associated with IBS. I could eat anything when I was younger until I had food poisoning - the rest is history!

I did buy some herbal tea in my local health food shop (not a chain) and they were called Yogi Tea Stomach Ease and they certainly work, here is the link below:

I also make my own Gut Healing Soup and it works for me:

Unfortunately the soup does have Coconut Oil in it but I would replace it with another oil if you can't tolerate Coconut Oil (I would have thought with the other ingredients it would still be good for the tummy).

Here's to happy tummies.

I am allergic to cows milk. I have got a food allergy test done. Maybe you should try getting one. Besides nut milk there are other vegan options out there. I use sunflower seeds milk. It’s seems to suit me well. You can even try sesame seed milk.

crazyfitness in reply to Laxmik

Where did you go for your test please?

I knew you could get Hemp Milk but didn't realise you could also get sunflower and sesame seed milks.

Laxmik in reply to crazyfitness

I live in India. So a lab here in my city. If you are in Uk. You should chk online. I believe there are a lot of tests available online with discounts. Mine in Mumbai was pretty expensive. But unfortunately it needed to be done.

As for the milk I make it at home. It’s very easy and takes less then 10 to 15 mins. If you are interested I can forward you the recipe. 😊

crazyfitness in reply to Laxmik

Hi Laxmik , so sorry for late reply, I haven't got very good internet access at the moment hence the delay in me replying to you.

Thank you very much for your response and yes I do love in the UK so will look online. I would love the recipes thank you.

So pleased you know what your triggers are😀

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