newbie ; after 18 months of stomach pain , loose stools up to ten times a day &blood& mucus I finally went fir my flexi sig today - I asked for sedation and the pain was so hurrendous they had to stop - dr stated slit of inflammation though only got half way to where he needed ... I'm distraught I've waited so long and still have no answers . My dads in recovery from stage 3 bowel cancer so this is hard anyway - this effecting my life greatly and after 3 weeks in a new job it's become embarrassing that I'm in the toilet so much . where do I go from here ? my consultant suggested it could be crohns they did manage to take 2 biopsies today but now a 3 week wait for those results .. I'm an outgoing person but this is really knocking my confidence and self esteem and I'm feeling very depressed . any advice ?

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  • Waiting for test results can be really scary but try to think positive do you take any meds to slow down bowels sounds like they need time to heal and rest hope all goes well and you get answers

  • I really feel for you, its awful waiting for results when all you want in answers. Unfortunately most of us dont get any answers we just get given the IBS diagnosis and have to get on with it. I had the same procedure years ago, same thing happened to me I was in excruciating pain, my lower bowel was really inflammed so they couldnt get all the way around but took biopsy and it came back clear. Try not to worry too much, know thats hard with your dad being ill but stress will only make you worse. Your Employer needs to be made aware of your health condition and you should be allowed some reasonable adjustments at work to make things easier. Have a look at your HR policies or if you are in a Union speak to a rep. Hope your test results come back soon x

  • Hi

    My husband has had sever IBS after having stomach ulcers brought on by food poisoning 4 years ago.

    He couldn't cope with the pain anymore and followed a special diet recommended by his GP called the FODMAP diet. It's a very strict diet which you need to keep to for about a month and then each week introduce a new food that you used to eat, that way by introducing one food per week you can determine what your triggers are.

    The main no goes on this diet are garlic and onion which is something that I would cook with most days. Since cutting these two out completely and certain other trigger foods he can manage his IBS quite well now.

    Its worth reading into as even certain fruits and veg can be triggers.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • hi thx for your reply : I tried the fodmap diet for months and it made no difference to my health whatsoever, having the procedure yesterday really was a last resort as I've tried everything I posibbly could .. I was put on prednisone steroids for two weeks at xmas after suffering anyphlactic shock and those two weeks were amazing !! I know these are the steroids used for colitis etc so just going to wait for biopsies to come back and see if consultant will sort out some sort of medication .

  • Ow no, maybe it is something more sever like chrons then, my boyfriend when I was a teenager had an awful time with chrons. I really feel for you.

    I hope they can sort you out soon. Let me know.

  • Hi. This is miserable I expect you have tried Imodium to control loose stools. The most effective are the Imodium melts.

  • I've tried every on / off the shelf treatment posibble . Think I'm going to go private as this is unfair to make someone suffer like this for so long . Typical NHS though !

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